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30 Questions No One Asks

30 Questions No One Asks

It feels like it has been forever since I have done a fun tag or anything that really focuses on getting to know me, so I figured I’d do something fun and a little more personal today. I saw this post over on Simply Stella and knew it was something that I had to do, it just seemed really fun and interesting even though I have technically not been tagged directly, but that’s fine, let’s just get into the questions.

Are You Named After Anyone?

I don’t believe I am, but I do have someone who is named after me, at least first name wise. That wasn’t the question though.

When Was The Last Time You Cried?

Probably four days ago. I don’t really keep track of it because I am a serious crier, seriously. I get frustrated and I cry, happy, sad, mad, really I just cry a lot.

Do You Have Kids?

I have been asked this before but the answer is no, not at the moment.

If You Were Another Person Would You a Friend of Yourself?

Yeah, probably. It might be a little difficult to get to know me but I’m pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself.

Do You Use Sarcasm A Lot?

Not as much as I once did.

What’s The First Thing You Notice About People?

Probably their teeth.

What Is Your Eye Color?

This is completely a question that people on the internet ask a lot, at least I think so. But anyway, mine are blue, sometimes gray but for the most part blue.

Scary Movie or Happy Ending?

Happy Ending

Favorite Smells?

Fresh baked bread, fresh baked anything, cotton candy, auto part shops, fresh jasmine.

What Is The Furthest You’ve Been From Home?

Nevada while living in Florida, so not very far.

Do You Have Any Special Talents?

No, not any at all.

Where Were You Born?

Orlando, Florida.

What Are Your Hobbies?

Reading, Baking, Blogging mostly.

Do You Have Any Pets?

Two cats, Joansie and Flynn. Sometimes you can catch them on my Instagram.

Do You Have Any Siblings?

Yes, one sister.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Aren’t I already grown up? But really, I want to write but probably won’t.

Who Is Your Best Friend?

My childhood best friend that I met when I was nine years old.

How Tall Are You?

Five foot three inches

Funniest Moment Throughout Highschool?

Oh, that’s hard, partly because there are a bunch and partly because none are coming to mind if that makes any sense. Maybe the fact that my friend thought chocolate milk came from brown cows until sophomore year, that was pretty fun to explain.

How Many Countries Have You Visited?

Does my own count? If so, one.

What’s Your Favorite Drink?

At this very moment in time the Honest Tropical Green Tea that I can only get at Wendy’s, which is terribly sad.

What Would You Name Your Children?

James, Sophia, Amelia, things like that.

What Sports Have You Played?

Properly? None. At all? A bunch.

Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Youtubers?

Learningtobefearless, leighannsays, pixielocks to name a few.

How Many Boyfriends Have You Had?


Favorite Memory From Childhood?

This is another one of those questions that I could probably have forty different answers, but at this very moment in time I’m thinking back to the first time I remember ever going to the beach and picking up shells, I had a blast.

How Would You Describe Your Fashion Sense?

Pretty bland with a small touch of ‘what are you wearing?’

What Phone Do You Have?

Samsung galaxy s9 plus.

Tell Us One of Your Bad Habits?

I pick my nail polish off, not constantly but often, usually once I am done with a color and it has started to chip.

And those are all of the questions in this tag, I think I’ve been asked a fair amount of these questions at one point or another at some point in my life. But, I still think this was a fun tag and for the most part, these were questions that aren’t asked often at all. Anyway, I want to tag everyone who wants to do it, and if you do it be sure to tag me in it so I can read your answers.


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