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Review: Anastasia Blush Kit in Radiant

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

I had something completely different planned for today but with all of the terrible cold and rainy weather we have had as of recently, I just didn’t get time to photograph it like I had intended to. So instead I have decided to come at you with a review of a product that I have been sitting on for a little while now, like most things. I will be talking about the Anastasi Beverley Hills Blush Kit in Radiant, so let’s see how this holds up.


You can still pick this palette up on the Anastasia website, here. This will run you $30.00 and it comes with four different shades of blush, the one that I have here to review today is the lighter of the two palettes as I am fairly light, so it just works better for me personally. I think this has a pretty good shade range included, it has a little bit of shimmer as well but it’s mostly satin blushes. I just think it has a really nice and fun mix of blushes.

You’ll see some swatches below of these, but for now, I’m going to chat a little bit about the blushes, mix things up in this review and not go on about the packaging right off the bat.

Anyway, the first shade is a really lovely cool pink shade with a little bit of sparkle to it, I think this feels like a pretty typical shade now, something that I probably own in a different form but I’m alright with that because it’s a pretty shade. The next shade is more of a true coral shade, a shade that I think is very pretty and very much springy if you ask me, a nice peachy coral shade is great for the spring season. The third shade is more of a berry type of shade if you ask me and I like that, I think it’s a really lovely shade that is super easy to wear. The last shade is a bit of a strange one to me, it’s almost as if you mixed the other three together and out came this one, it’s like a more red but it’s not a red blush either.They describe it has a crimson peach, which I think fits it pretty well.


Now, as for the formula of these blushes, I think it’s a fantastic formula. These blushes are very pigmented and soft, but can easily be applied with a light hand for just the perfect flush of color on the cheeks. These are just really easy and nice quality blushes if you ask me.

The last thing that I am going to talk a little bit about is the packaging, I like the look of the packaging, it is a really pretty shade and pretty simple, very much a classic Anastasia look to it. It is a little bit on the bulky side and doesn’t feel like the nicest packaging that I’ve ever seen, but it’s not terrible. The packaging is pretty but kind of meh to me.

Overall, I am really happy with this palette and glad to own it, it gives a nice selection of colors without being too huge and bulky, not that it is slim either. This palette seems like it has a blush for every season and I really like that.

What’s your verdict on this?


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