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Dupe: Lime Crime vs. NYX Liquid Lipstick


I am back with my monthly dupe post, and I know, last month I also did liquid lipsticks but I just couldn’t help myself from doing these this month because I have been sitting on these two for a little while and finally wanted to see how these two went up against one another. So let’s get into it and see if these two are dupes or not even close.

IMG_0161The two products that I will be putting up against one another is the Lime Crime Velvetine in the shade Buffy and the NYX Liquid Suede in the shade Sandstorm.  The Lime Crime one will run you $20.00 and the NYX is only $7.00 and much more widely available. That is a $13.00 difference between the two, which is a pretty decent sized chunk but nothing too crazy.

Anyway, let’s get into comparing, starting with the packaging because as you guys know I like to talk packaging too much probably. These two do not have similar packaging, the lime crime one is much sleeker and more interesting if you ask me and honestly, the NYX one looks a little cheap, they do, however, feel like about the same quality. Another difference between these two is in the applicator wand, the Lime Crime one has your standard doe foot applicator and the NYX one has a wider and longer one, it’s not something I’ve never seen before but it isn’t the most common. I don’t really prefer one over the other but in case you do I wanted to note it.

20180305_073928Now, to talk about the things that really matter and let’s start with color match. When I swatched these I didn’t swatch them side by side so they looked pretty close and I would say that these do look close but not quite dupes, so this didn’t end up being quite the dupe that I was hoping.

The top shade is the Lime Crime one and I find it to be a little bit more orangey yellow in shade. The bottom is the NYX, of course, and I find it to be more nude esque. I personally prefer the shade of the NYX one a little bit more, it’s more nude and in my range of preferred shades.

The next thing I’m going to mention is the formula of these two, they are not dupes in terms of formulation either. The Lime Crime one is a lot more liquidy and a lot more drying when it comes down to it, but it does last for a while longer than the NYX one. The NYX one is a lot more moisturizing but I don’t find that it lasts anywhere near as long as the Lime Crime one. I personally like both formulas, it’s really dependant on what I’m looking for in terms of formula.

So, I think the verdict is that these two are not dupes in color nor formula, the color isn’t that different so I don’t think you would really need to have both of these shades in your collection. Either or really, just dependant on your own taste in shades and formula. I do really like both of these so if you feel like you need both, I think you could happily have both as well.

Any dupe suggestions?


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