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Try It Tuesday: Threaded Earrings

Try It Tuesday_Threaded Earrings

I am officially changing this into Try It Tuesdays instead of Test It, I just like the way that it sounds a lot better, so that is a thing now. Last month I talked about some cosmetics and this month I am focusing on a pair of earrings. These earrings are from the Etsy shop SiamHillTribes, they make a ton of different tassel earrings and things, so let’s just start talking about these.


I just want to start by saying that I have never really reviewed fashion items and haven’t reviewed jewelry at all, so I’m hoping this turns out alright but we will see.

I thought these earrings were too cute not to own, I was in the search of the perfect fun tassel earrings and I may have found them in these, these are fun and really just a great tassel earring if you ask me, very on trend as well I feel.

20171210_120518.jpg These earrings feature a bunch of random rainbow colored thread, the quality of the thread feels rather nice, not quite as thick as the traditional embroidery thread that my mom would get. These may look very simple but these feel rather nice.

I have had these for a few months and have just been waiting to review them, there were other things that I decided to do first before these, but because of that I can now say that I have noticed zero shedding or anything like that in these, I know it has only been a few months but I wanted to point that out.

The hardware is nothing exciting or super nice, but it’s not terrible either. It’s pretty standard when it comes down to it and it’s still looking fine and holding everything together.

I think these are rather nice earrings and I am very much satisfied with them. So much so that I have purchased three other pairs from this same Etsy shop because I remembered how much I liked these, so I am very excited about getting my hands on those.

Should I stick to beauty products or really just all Etsy finds that I purchase?


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