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Face Mask Friday: I Dew Care Sugar Kitten

Face Mask Friday

Hello internet friends, it’s Friday which means that I have decided to post a Face Mask Friday on this particular Friday this month. Wow, I feel like I just said Friday far too many times. Anyway, I am really excited to talk about this mask because it’s really interesting on the face and it wasn’t nearly as terrible on the skin as I expected it to be. So, let’s get into chatting about the little face mask.

IMG_0142This months mask is not a limited edition one but it is a mini-sized one for me, not that it really matters. A full size of this will run you $23.00 and will get you 2.87 oz of product, which isn’t too terrible I don’t think. I personally picked mine up from Ulta and I’m not really sure where else you can get this other than Memebox’s website directly.

I chose this mask because it is new to me and I really wanted to try it out, I had heard good things and needed to try it at this point.

I want to talk about the packaging just for a minute, as per usual, I just like to give my thoughts on it. I can’t vouch for the large size but assuming they are the same, just one is larger, this jar feels like a lot of wasted packaging. It doesn’t feel particularly bulky but it does feel like it could be a little bit more streamlined if that makes sense. I do like the look of the packaging though, I love the light purple color and how simple and straightforward the text is. I am very much a fan of this aesthetic in packaging.


I have got to say that this is one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting face masks that I have ever seen. It’s opalescent and just really pretty, I really like it.

I also want to say that I read a lot of reviews about this mask saying that it hurt so bad and was the worst thing ever, maybe my skin isn’t sensitive at all or maybe I am missing something, but for me personally, I didn’t think this felt any different than a regular peel off mask that always hurt just a tiny bit.

IMG_0146This is supposed to hydrate and revitalize dry skin for a dewy look after removed. I personally do not find that I really have dry skin, I have more normal as a whole but I still wanted to try out this mask that that was what I did.

Do I think this left my skin feeling moisturized? Yes. I do think that. This mask left my skin feeling like a lot like new, soft, baby skin and I loved it. Seriously, it left my skin feeling amazing and super moisturized, which is what it claimed to do.

I will say the following day after using this my skin still felt pretty soft but the next day it didn’t really, I’d say that’s pretty good though. I don’t think masks are supposed to make your skin feeling amazing forever unless you are using them fairly frequently. But anyway, I think this did what it claimed to do and it left my skin looking and feeling really soft and great.

I really like this face mask, if you couldn’t tell. I think this is the most interesting face mask that I have personally used in terms of appearance, I think this was fun because I got to peel it off of my face and it just left my skin looking and feeling really nice, overall a really great face mask.

What’s your favorite face mask?


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