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Review: Lush Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb

Yellow Submarine

I am finally chipping away at some of the Lush reviews that have been sitting around just waiting for me to pay attention to them. Today I will be talking about the Yellow Submarine bath bomb from Lush, this is a new bomb to the collection I believe and it’s a really cute one. Let’s get right into talking about this one.

20180219_171902I guess I’m going to start out by saying the obvious, this bath bomb was clearly inspired by Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. This bath bomb is Vegan, will run you $5.95 and features ingredients such as Brazilian Orange Oil, Coriander Seed Oil, and Lemongrass oil.

I like that and I think this bath bomb is adorable and really interesting in appearance. I love that this bath bomb isn’t just a typical shape and it’s shaped like something, it’s just a really cute thing to me.

I’m going to continue on talking about the appearance of this bath bomb in the water. This is a very warm and bright bath bomb, once it his the water it starts to fizz out and reveal the orangey pink shades that are inside, swirling together with the yellow outside which are so interesting a pretty in the water, these shades always make for the best water. The only downfall to this shade range is that, well, it makes the water look like a bathtub full of pee, as you will see in the next photo.

20180219_173116It’s not nearly as bad as a couple of other bath bombs that I have seen in the past, it does have a bit of orangey-ness to it. This is still not the worst bath water I’ve seen but it’s also not super appealing.

Now, onto the scent of this bubble bar, like a lot of Lush product, this has a citrus scent to it. That seems to be a really common thing with Lush products now, which doesn’t bother me a whole lot because citrus scents are my favorite but it feels like it’s been a while since they’ve had a good range of new scents that are just citrus and fruity.

Anyway, I think this bath bomb has a little bit of an underlying powdery scent to it and I think the scent throw in the water is on the weak side, but it still smells pretty good.

The last thing that I typically go over is the feel in the bath, this is pretty standard, it does feel nice and soft in the bath like most of the lush bath bombs do, it’s really nothing exciting.

Overall I do like this bath bomb, I think this bomb is really adorable and fun, I like it but I don’t think it’s my favorite.


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