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Spring Fashion Wishlist


 Yes, I am back with another fashion wishlist, the last one that I did was all the way back in the fall and this year I’m hoping to do all of the seasons, starting with Spring of course. I am starting here this year because this is the first season change of 2018, I can’t believe that it is almost spring but at the same time I am so glad that it is almost spring, I have been ready since probably around November for warmer weather. For this list, I have decided to just share things from Target, partly because I started browsing the site and partly because I thought it would be fun to share some really fun, easily accessible and affordable pieces. So, let’s get right on into it.

Spring Fling #1

Nevertheless She Persisted Tee – $14.99 – This shirt is cute, this shirt is simple and I feel like I need more graphic tees in my life, that is completely why this is on my list.

Women’s Lace Trim Tank – $24.99 – This is such a fun color, like a cross between yellow and orange and I personally love that shade. I think this is a really fun top that brings a fun springy pop to an outfit.

Women’s Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Tassel Trim Blouse – $29.99 – I think I just like this because of the tassels, I don’t know why but I am itching to get my hands on something with tassels. I think this is a fun little shirt that is pretty basic with a little pop of something extra.

Women’s Ruffle Tank Top – $19.99 – I love this, it’s simple and it’s cute, plus the sleeves are gingham and that seemed to be something that I am very into at the moment. This one might have to make its way into my closet.

Women’s Floral Loose Tank – $8.00 – I am sure I will end up with this is my wardrobe before spring is over, it just looks like such a comfortable shirt that is really pretty and adds a touch of springy-ness.

Women’s Tie Front Tank Top  – $12.99 – I have never liked anything tie front in my life, it just hasn’t been a thing but I found myself enjoying the look of this one. I just like the color and how comfy it looks, I might have to pick this up.

Spring Fling #2

Women’s Embroidered Mesh Dress – $44.99 – This is something that I would never buy, mostly because I have no where to where this but I think this dress is very pretty and fits really well with the spring theme.

Women’s Sleeveless Ruffle Midi Dress – $32.99 – Back with that whole gingham thing, there is completely a gingham item in every photo in this post. This dress is really cute and I am obsessed with midi dresses right now, so it feels like the perfect fit.

Women’s Knit Maxi Dress With Mesh Detailing – $39.99 – I’m also really into maxi dresses and I like that this one is fairly simple with a fun touch to it, mesh. It’s simple and black, while also being a little bit fun and different.

Women’s Striped Sleeveless Cinched Waist Dress – $29.99 – This just looks like a perfect beach dress to me, I really love the look of it and a during the spring time I start thinking about the beach, even if I haven’t properly been in far too long.

Women’s Cinched Waist Jumpsuit – $27.99 – This pick is something that I probably wouldn’t buy because I bet I would look terrible in it, but something about a plain and simple black jumpsuit really appeals to me, it just feels like an item that everyone should have but what do I know?

Women’s Open Layering Cardigan – $24.99 – This cardigan just seems cozy and perfect for spring, it doesn’t appear to be something that is super heavy but it comes in a bunch of fun springy colors and seems like an excellent layer piece.

Spring Fling #3

Women’s Midi Skirt – $22.99 – I am loving the whole midi thing, this skirt is striped and black and white, so it’s right up my alley. I think this would be really cute with a fun colored top during the springtime.

Women’s Gingham Paperbag Waist Shorts – $22.99 – These are really adorable and I’m kind of lusting after these really hard, they are just adorable and I bet they would go great with tons of different things.

Women’s Pull-on Wide Leg Pant – $34.99 – I’m not sure that these are for me personally but I think these are really cute, they are wide legged and look really comfy. For some reason, I associate comfy and breezy things like this with the springtime.

Women’s Whisper Woven Backless Slip On Mules – $24.99 – I know slides are super in right now and I haven’t really found a pair that I’m super into until I saw these, these are really adorable and look perfect for the upcoming months.

Women’s Anniemae Woven Slide Sandal – $22.99 – I also love these woven slides, these look like they would be so easy to just slip on and go, especially because they look like they would go with everything.

Women’s Gladiola Slide Sandal  – $12.99 – I know, these are kind of ugly but I have a pair sort of like these and they are so easy to just slip on and go, so I think this shade is perfect for the summer.

Women’s Vienna Open Toe Strappy Slide Sandals – $22.99 – As you can probably tell I am super into yellow and these sandals really scratch that itch.

Spring Fling 3

Women’s Wenda Cut Out Booties – $32.99 – These are a little bit different than typical picks for me but I think these look like great spring booties, the shades great, they look sleek and the inside part is open which is really interesting.

Women’s Amalee Tall Rain Boots -$29.99 – I need a pair of rainboots, especially for the winter and springtime but I just haven’t bought a pair due to not being sure if I really needed them but these are super cute and I very well might just need a pair.

Women’s Savannah Canvas Stripe Sneakers – $19.99 – I like stripes, that is no secret and I think these canvas sneakers are really cute and soft and I just like the look of them.

Women’s Cocktail Crossbody Bag – $27.99 – This is the last gingham item on this list and of course it is a cross body bag, it’s very cute and I just really like how simple and perfect it is.

Women’s Kisslock Crossbody Bag – $26.99 – This color is probably my favorite color and it’s really making me want to pick up this cross body, even after I spent so much effort picking out the perfect everyday bag, but I could always us another, right?

Antik Kraft Cross Body Bag – $29.99 – I love that this is both neutral and pastel, it’s just really interesting to me for some reason and I just get the spring vibes from it.

Women’s Canteen Crossbody Bag – $21.99 – From what I hear, round bags are really in right now and I think this one is cute, it’s really simple but that’s also what makes it cute to me, that and the round shape.

Women’s Envelope-Flap Crossbody Handbag – $9.99 – This is tiny but this is a great thing to add a pop of color to your outfit when you don’t have to carry a lot of things around. I also love this color, it’s so fun and bright.

Women’s Necklace Semi Precious Healing Stone – $14.99 –  This necklace is really small and really cute, I really like it and actually almost picked this up the other day. I think this would be a nice little touch to an outfit.

Semi Precious Healing Stones Trio Bracelet – $14.99 – I’m not much of a bracelet girl myself but I do think these are really pretty and simple, I think this set would make for great layering pieces.

Double Wire Row Bangle – $9.99 – I love this cuff! Seriously, it’s so cute and I love all the negative space and the fact that it’s gold, this is just really cute to me.

Triangular Stone Charm Hoop Earrings – $7.99 – These are really simple but I still think these are really cute. I am really into hoops right now and think these would make a great addition.

Open Cuff Hammered Metal Bracelet – $9.99 – This is the last thing on this list and it’s probably my least favorite thing but I still think it’s really cute, it’s just maybe a little bit bulkier than I might like to actually wear.

And those are all of my spring picks, I know, it doesn’t completely look like spring picks see as it’s all neutrals, yellows, and gingham but those are the things that I am personally lusting after. I am also debating doing a lookbook maybe with some of these items, I don’t know if that would be interesting or not but it kind of sounds interesting to me, plus it gives me an excuse to shop, not that I really need one.

What are some of your spring must-haves?


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