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February 2018 Nail Wrap Up

Traveling in London

I actually debated not doing this post this month, not because I dislike doing these posts or anything like that but more because I did not to as much this month as I would have liked, I didn’t even get near last months, in fact I might even say that I kind of failed. I am still going to share this month’s nails because I do it every month and it would be incomplete without this post.


Up first is my failed Valentine’s manicure, I wanted to do glitter red hearts on a nude back drop but after trying to do it twice on this one nail I just ended up with an accent nail, which I don’t really think looks fantastic but it’s not awful either. The nude shade is Zoya in Avery and the red sparkle polish is China Glaze’s Sparkle On.


Nail look number two is something fun and springy that I wanted to try out, I don’t really wear yellow polish ever, in fact I only own one dark yellow shade and I wanted something soft. I am pretty happy with this one, this is a China Glaze polish in the shade Werk It Honey.

And that is everything, I know, that’s hardly posted worth and barely any nail polishes at all but I have felt very overwhelmed and busy during the month of February and my nails just weren’t something that I wanted to fuss with. March is going to be a better one though, I mostly know because I’ve already painted my nails twice this month. I know, it’s a bit excessive but whatever, I like painting my nails.

What are your favorite nail colors recently?


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