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February 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

February LifestyleFavorites

Last month was the first month that I did a lifestyle favorites post, well, it probably wasn’t the first time ever but I’ve never stuck with these kinds of posts so I’m calling it the first. Mostly because I completely intend to stick around with these and do these monthly, which is something I am saying only have written one and now working on the second, but I have the intention of keeping this one up. Let’s not worry about that for now and instead let’s get into talking about some of my random favorites from February.

I am going to start with my most recent obsession that did start in February and that is my rekindled love with Song Pop 2. It might be a little bit of a problem, I don’t know yet but I am really loving playing it.

The next thing that I want to talk about is Thredup, I think I made it clear that I really don’t love the selling aspect on there but I do really love buying on there, seriously, I might have to cut myself off that is how much I have been enjoying shopping there. So much so that you will be seeing more about this later this month.

I think what’s really happening is I’m really getting back into thrifting, just as a whole and thredup is just something that helps this when I can’t get to a real thrift store. I am so jazzed about thrifting and am planning a trip this upcoming week.


This next one is something that I am not sure that I can include because we only did it once and it was at the end of February, we went and played tennis, which was super fun and I liked it so much that I’m considering it a favorite. This will probably peek back in next months favorites as well because I plan on playing tennis more in the month of March.

I am so annoyed that they don’t sell this in store because I really love this stuff and I have to keep going to Wendy’s to get it, I am talking about the Honest tropical green tea. It’s so good and I want to drink it all of the time, it might be a little bit of a problem.


Now it’s time for my playlist, as per usual my taste in music is a little bit all over the place but I like all of these songs and have been really feeling it. Here is the playlist in case you want to give it a listen.

What have been some of your random favorites recently?


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