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Why February 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

Why February 2018 Was Awesome

This year hasn’t started feeling like last year yet, meaning this year hasn’t felt like it’s started flying by yet and I’m curious when I will start feeling that. January drug on for no less than three months, I am sure, but February wasn’t much better. But let’s just get into wrapping up the second month of the year.

I think February has felt so long because this month has been slow, at work and really everywhere has felt like it’s gone by so slowly, I also think this insane weather combined with how much rain we have been getting hasn’t really helped with me feeling like this month is never going to end. I know it will end, it’s about to as tomorrow is the start of March.

This month has felt really long and been a bit hard, I don’t know what it is but I’ve just not been feeling quite right. I think a big factor in this is just that things have finally caught up to me, I’ve been behind on things and all of this rain and cold weather just really gets me down.

Other than feeling a little off and this month going on for 39 days, February was an alright month, I did get to go see the ocean this month and I always love a beach trip, no matter how long or short it is.

Also, completely forgot to add this in higher and decided to shove it in here anyway, but this month my husband and I have started playing basketball, which has been fun and next month I am hoping that we start playing tennis because I am more excited about that.

Now, to talk about my goals, I completely forgot to talk about my goals in my January wrap up, which means I need to bring it back this month but that means I will only be setting goals this month for March.

I need to set a date to get my wisdom teeth removed, I have been avoiding it for far too long now and this is something that I need to do, even though I am a bit afraid of it.

Drive more, this will endlessly be on my list I feel like because I never drive and keep avoiding it, but I need to focus and do this.

This one will probably be hard but I want to get two books ahead of schedule for my 2018 reading challenge, I am currently ahead but I really want to keep up that pace.

I’m going to keep the goals small this month and only to three, just because I’m getting back into the swing of setting monthly goals again, so just these three little goals for now.

How was your February?


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