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Test It Tuesday: Etherealle Cosmetics

Try It Tuesday_

I did my first test it Tuesday last month and this is something that I plan on keeping up, mostly because I have been super into Etsy and I think it’s a really great idea to try out some products from there. So, this month I am talking about some products from Etherealle Cosmetics on Esty, of course, let’s just jump right into talking about them.

20171203_070454.jpgI’m going to kick this off by telling you about the products that I picked up, the first being a Vegan Lipstick in Fawn, the Stardust Highlighting Powder in Cosmos, and lastly Pixie Gems in Morning Glory.

And now into the packaging talk we go, the packaging doesn’t feel luxurious, of course, but it doesn’t feel really terrible either. Well, the lipstick kind of does. I think the lipstick was the most disappointing thing to me, but we will get to that. For now I will say that the quality of the packaging is just alright.

I do like the stickers on them though, it really makes it feel like a brand and it’s really cute and goes with the feel of this brand. So, I’m quite happy with how cute that is.

20171203_070604.jpgI’m just going to go from top to bottom, which means will we be starting with the lipstick in Fawn. I don’t hate this I’m just disappointed in this, it smells fine and it feels pretty moisturizing but my problem is that there isn’t any pigmentation hardly. I thought this shade was stunning and on the skin it swatched light but on the lips it just doesn’t look like anything. I don’t know if I’m missing things or what, but it just doesn’t show up.

Next is the Stardust Highlighting Powder, which has got to be my favorite. This has a little bit of a pink tint to this but I really love that about it. This is not a blinding highlight but it’s not super subtle either, I find that it’s somewhere in the middle of those two and I quite like the finish.

The last thing is the Pixie Gem, which is kind of just like loose glitter/shimmer, which is fine with me. This isn’t anything outstanding nor is it terrible, I’ve used it as a topper a couple of times. It’s really pretty and sparkly, it adds a nice little touch of sparkle to any eye look.

Overall, I would pass on this one. Nothing is bad but nothing is great either, it’s just so meh, if you ask me. So, this Etsy find is just nothing special or exciting for me personally.


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Try it Tuesday


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