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Spring Thrifted Lookbook

Spring Thrifted

Growing up we went to thrift stores, my mom always told us that we could get more bang for our buck, which is completely true and I still enjoying thrift stores to do this. But, I fall in and out of love with thrifting, sometimes I just don’t feel like putting in the effort it takes to thrift because thrift shopping is a lot of digging, but other times I think of it as a super fun adventure and am super jazzed about it. As of recently I have been very much into it and even still am excited and ready for my next trip, so for today I have decided to put together a little lookbook featuring some thrifted pieces that I have found from Goodwill, Etsy or even Thredup, I didn’t completely limit myself to solely physical stores here.

20180209_095009.jpgOutfit number one actually features two thrifted pieces, both are from Goodwill and both are proof that when thrifting you don’t always have to pay attention to the size. This top is a 2XL and the skirt is a small, neither are sizes that I typically wear. I feel a little bit like a teacher in this outfit but I still kind of like that, I also like the subtle mix of patterns as I don’t think this combo is too overwhelming.

Shirt – I’m going to try and link items that are in a similar vein as each piece, so if you are interested in something like this shirt then here it is.

Skirt- The one was a little bit harder to find something like but I quite like this skirt here and think it would be fun with the blouse above.

Shoes –  I got these booties from Stitchfix but I found some that look a lot like them here.

20180209_095346.jpgThis one is probably my favorite outfit out of the bunch, it’s just really casual but also a little bit dressed up, which is typically the type of outfit that I like to wear if I’m not just hanging around the house. I just think this is adorable. There are technically two thrifted pieces in this outfit as well but one wasn’t recent, that less recent one being the red cardigan and the more recent one the striped skirt, both are Goodwill finds.

Tee shirt – I purchased this from Target but it appears that they don’t sell it any longer, so check out this one here.

Skirt – This skirt here is on sale and has that same vibe to me, though it may be a little bit longer.

Cardigan – I think this cardigan here is really cute and almost perfect though it isn’t nearly as bright.

Shoes – Are the same ones as above, so I think these ones here are a great match for them.

20180209_095805.jpgIf I’m being honest this is probably my least favorite of the outfits but this is also the outfit that you are most likely to see me in from day to day I think. Which is why I might like it least. This one also has only one thrifted item in it, which is the shirt which I like especially because it is striped and has cute little buttons on the shoulders. This shirt was also a Goodwill find.

Beanie – This one here is probably the closest one I can find, but I do not think it is bright enough.

Shirt – Here is a pretty good striped tee, though it doesn’t have the cute little buttons on it.

Jeans – These ones are pretty easy to find just about anywhere, but I think these ones here are pretty cute.

Shoes – These are holographic ish, which I don’t think you can tell from the photo, so these were hard to find something that looks like them, but here are the best ones I can find.

20180209_100427.jpgI know I said the outfit a couple of outfits ago I said it was my favorite but I think this one might also be my favorite, maybe because this looks like an outfit that I can carry into the summer and I am dreaming of those warm summer days. This one only has only one thrifted item and that the yellow skirt, which I picked up from thredup.

Denim Jacket – I am having a bit of trouble finding something that looks like this jacket but I think this one here is a pretty nice looking denim jacket.

Tee Shirt – I got this recently enough to link you to the exact one here. Yes, it is a men’s tee.

Skirt – This skirt here is a little longer and a little brighter than the one I’m wearing in the picture but I think it’s pretty close.

Shoes – These are the same ones as the ones above so here is the same link.

20180209_100846.jpgThis is the last outfit and probably the least flattering outfit shot of them all, but I still like it and it gets my point across. This has one thrifted item and that is the pastel plaid shirt which I picked up from Etsy and am really into the colors of this one. This is just a really easy spring outfit, I think.

Shirt – This shirt is a tough one and I don’t have anything to link similar just because I haven’t been able to find anything that I find to be a really good look to replace this one.

Skirt – This one here looks a lot like it and I think would be a fantastic fill in for the skirt that I am wearing.

Shoes – Once again, the same pair of silver sneakers that I have above twice now, but here is the link to the best thing I could find.

And that’s my little-thrifted lookbook, I could have done a few more but I decided to keep it at five and not go too overboard with the looks. I might end up doing another one of this sometime in the future if you guys would like to see that.

Would you guys like to see more thrift related things?


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Thrifted Lookbook


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