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First Impression Friday: Wet ‘N Wild Dewy Face Primer

First Impression Friday

It’s time for something new to my blog, a first impression Friday post, I’m not sure if this is something that I plan on doing every month or if this is just something that I’m going to do whenever I feel like doing one, it’s probably going to be that one just in case I can round up a product that I want to do an entire first impression on. Either way, for today I will be giving my first impression on the Wet ‘N Wild Dewy Primer that I recently purchased on a whim, so let’s jump right on into talking about this one.


This is something that you can pick up pretty much anywhere, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and even some Ulta’s from what I understand. This little tube will run you $4.99 for 0.84oz of product, which I think is a really fantastic price for a face primer, even from the drugstore.

As I do with basically everything that I review I would like to start by talking about the packaging, I don’t expect much for packaging when I’m paying so little for a product but I do like it still. I mean, it’s nothing exciting by any means but I still like it because it is very clean looking.

I also like that it’s a tube, I feel like I typically can get more product out of tubes than pumps, so I really prefer a tube and am quite content with this being in one.

The other thing to note about this tube is that the opening is very large, which I am impartial to but I can see how it can be annoying since a lot of product tends to come out at once if you are not careful.

20180217_161946.jpgThis is what the product itself looks like, it is tinted but I find that it blends in really well and I don’t think it really leaves a lightness on the skin. Granted, I am pretty pale so you should probably take that with a grain of salt.

I do really love the finish of this primer though, it leaves my skin looking hydrated and lit from within without being too overpowering, which is a finish that I adore. It just looks so natural and just glowy, while still being subtle and not like, ‘oh, I have glitter all of my face’.

Overall, based on trying this one time, I really like this product and I think it is a fantastic dewy primer that leaves my skin look glowy and just really nearly flawless.

Have you guys tried this primer? And if so, what did you think?


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7 thoughts on “First Impression Friday: Wet ‘N Wild Dewy Face Primer

  1. I have terribly dry skin so I live for anything that will make me look more alive and supple; I’ll definitely have to give this a try. I didn’t get on too well with the photo focus foundation but maybe I’ll have better luck with this! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I was surprised at how much I like this, wet n wild tends to be so hit and miss for me. I have to try out the photo focus foundation again, I dont really remember much other than it smells like straight up pain. Thanks for reading.

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