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Review:Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

Too Faced ChocolateBon Bons Review1

Yes, the inspired by Valentine’s day picks are still going, this might actually be the last one but don’t hold me to that, I really can’t completely remember but I will say this, I promise the festive picks will end come March… even though I haven’t even started planning out the month of March yet. But anyway, today I plan on reviewing another eyeshadow palette, so let’s jump right on in.

I have got to start this one out by talking about the packaging, typically I don’t share that many photos of the packaging and even less frequently do I share the boxes, maybe I should regularly share them but anyway, the point is this packaging it too cute for me to not share it. I think it is so adorable that this box looks like the outside of a chocolate bar, it’s a really great touch to the packaging. I also love the palette itself, I like that it is tin, it feels a lot more sturdy than a lot of other palettes I own. The outside of the packaging is also super adorable, I love that it had hearts on it and I love that it is pink, it is hands down the cutest palette that I own and I just love it.

20171230_150131.jpgNow, let’s open this cutie up and the first thing that I want to talk about is of course, how stinking adorable this palette is, inside out. I love the heart shaped eyeshadow pans, I think it goes great with the theming and I just think it is so adorable. I am a huge fan of the aesthetics of this palette.

The other thing about this palette is that it smells like chocolate, which a bunch of Too Faced products are scented, this one is infused with cocoa powder which I’m sure is where a lot of this scent comes from. I always thought it was weird to make eyeshadows scented but this smells amazing, so I’m not mad at it.

Now, to backtrack just a little bit I want to say that this palette comes with fourteen heart shaped pans of eyeshadow and two larger rectangular eyeshadows, this palette will also run $49 at most retailers. Now, let’s get into some swatched and formula talk.

20171230_150322.jpgThese are all of the swatches of the eyeshadows in this palette in order and if I’m being honest these do not swatch well, based on these swatches I was a little bit disappointed but I tried not to let it get too much in the way as I still wanted to test it out, see how it did on the eye and see how it did with a primer.

I really love the mattes, I think they are super soft and very much easy to work with. The shimmer shades aren’t quite as good but I do think that they are still really good shadows. Overall, I am really content with the formula on all of these eyeshadows. There are a couple of shadows that I don’t think are really up to par but that’s really just a couple.

Some of my favorite shades in this palette include cotton candy, which is a really pretty shimmery pink shade, mocha, which is really the perfect crease shade if you ask me and satin sheets, which makes for a perfect base or a great inner corner depending on the look you’re going for. Some shades I’m disappointed in black currant, which just isn’t everything I wanted it to be, it almost looks black but it isn’t and it’s kind of sheer, it’s just not my favorite. The other one is sprinkles, it’s just too light and isn’t everything that I wanted it to be.

Overall, I am really happy with this palette and very happy that I picked this one up. I never thought I needed any of the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes but I think this one is fantastic and now I’m kind of debating picking up another one based on this one. So, I really like this one, think it’s pretty versatile and am overall happy with the purchase.


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