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Review: Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette

Bad Habit

I’m realizing that pretty much all of my picks this month are based around the fact that it is February and the fact that Valentine’s Day is in this month, which I am not bothered by as I think it’s kind of fun and it’s really knocking things of my list of posts I need to blog about, which is always a plus in my mind. Anyway, today we will be talking about the Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette which is a dupe for the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, which I do not own but have been drooling over since I first laid eyes on it. A tiny part of me still wants to pick it up for comparison purposes but I probably won’t because expensive. Anyway, let’s focus on this little palette today instead.

20180213_084154.jpgThis is the Bad Habit Beauty Aphrodite Palette, I picked this one up on the website shophush, which I believe is the only place you can get it or at least the only place I can find it. This will run you $12.00 and I think that’s quite a steal, seeing as you get eighteen different eyeshadows in varying finishes.

I personally am not against dupes of product and I think that the products I’ve purchased from this website have been pretty decent quality and I’ve been fairly happy with everything that I have picked up thus far.

Anyway, this is about this palette so let’s get into talking about it.

I want to start by talking about the packaging, which you can see a bit of in the first image in this post. I personally quite like the packaging, I think it is interesting to look at but still simple, I also don’t find this to super flimsy even though it is cardboard. I also like the inside of the packaging, I like that it is simple and straightforward. Mostly I just like that this palette doesn’t feel huge or like it’s wasting a lot of space, which is always the best in my opinion.

20180213_084322.jpgI’m going to talk a bit about formula now, but before I do let me say this, I haven’t tried out every single shade from this palette yet but I think I have played with enough of them to give a decent review.

I want to start out by talking about the matte shades in this palette, I figure we should start with the best foot forward. There are ten mattes in this palette and they are all pretty much fantastic, they are soft without being too soft, they have great pigment and are overall really easy to work with as a whole.

Next, I want to talk about shimmer shades, this palette has a few shades that I would consider shimmer and some that are more chunky and I’m not sure what to call those but I’m throwing them in what shimmer, overall the shimmer shades are alright, some of them are better than others and some of them are very chunky, have a lot of fall out and overall are just hard to work with, so while mattes are fantastic, shimmers leave me wanting a little bit more.

Some of my favorite shades in this palette are hands down Passion, Crush, Lust, and Seduction. Some of my least favorites are Sparks, Adore, and Beauty. Now, to share a look that I created with this palette.

I used the shades Coy,  Lust, Love, Tease, Jealousy and Seduction. I used a lot of eyeshadows to make it look like I have one, maybe two eyeshadows but I am completely content with the results.

Overall, I really like this palette and I think it is one heck of a steal for only $12.00. This has a great blend of warm shades, it has shimmers and matters and even something a little bit sparklier if that’s what you’re looking for. Though those are a little bit more difficult to work with, but I still think this is a nice palette and am overall satisfied with it.

Have you guys ever tried anything from hush?


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