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Face Mask Friday: Ulta Strawberries & Champagne

Face Mask Friday #2Strawberries &Champagne Mask

Last month I started a new series on the blog, well, I started a few last month but we are not going to talk about the others, instead, we are going to talk about today’s post. It is time to talk face masks, I picked up these little packets from Ulta during the holiday season last year and I really wish I picked up more of this one, but I did not and they do not sell these anymore as far as I am aware, but maybe they will bring this one back. Anyway, let’s dive in and talk about this face mask.

20180127_183541.jpgThis face mask was limited edition I do believe for the holiday season but it is no longer for sale, I purchased this for $2.50 and got one use, I may have been able to get two uses out of it had I tried or had someone else to do this mask with but I only had my own face, but I am okay with that.

I picked out this mask because it seemed really appropriate for the time of year that it is, I know, you guys thought I was done talking about the Valentine’s Day season but I’m not. I was going to say this is my last pick that seems influenced by this holiday but it is not, I just really hope you guys like Valentine’s Day. It won’t be too much more though.

Anyway, back to this product, this is another peel off mask, which you guys can probably tell I love. This also has glitter in it, but not a lot of chunky glitter, it is really subtle and you can’t see it but it is there and I like that.

20180127_183842As you can probably tell there is no color to this mask and the glitter is something that you can barely notice, my face really just looks wet.

I want to talk about the scent of this a little bit, I don’t find that this smells like strawberries but this did have a little bit of a boozy odor to it, which I personally don’t mind and kind of expected since it is strawberries and champagne, I’m just a bit disappointed that this doesn’t smell a little fruity.

This felt tight on the skin as all peeling masks tend to do, but once it was off it left my skin feeling amazing afterward. It actually felt really moisturized, plump and fantastic, I am a really pleased with the results actually.

Overall, I really like this face mask and if I were to see it again I would for sure pick up a few, I would also recommend trying this if you ever come across this because it’s actually a really nice face mask.


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