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NCLA Review

NCLA Review

If you couldn’t already tell, Valentine’s Day is coming up, in fact, it is in just two days and I have yet another Valentine’s day themed post for you guys. I bought these two nail polishes months ago but have been sitting on reviewing them because these two just seemed perfect for Valentine’s Day and now that it’s the week of Valentine’s I figured it was time to bring out the review of these two.


The two shades I picked up are Valley Girl, which is the light pink shade and Heart Attack which is, of course, the polish with all of the little heart glitters, which I think is super cute. This order started because I wanted Valley Girl, I’m pretty sure I saw someone wearing it on Instagram and have been looking for the perfect light pink polish for a while, so I wanted to try this out. And me being me, I couldn’t just order one nail polish so I picked up Heart Attack to go with them.

Okay, let’s start the review out by talking about Valley Girl, I don’t think I’ve found my dream or holy grail light pink nail polish but that doesn’t mean this one is bad, it’s just not everything I’ve been dreaming of. This is a great light pink nail polish that is a little bit darker than the light pink I was looking for, this one does take three coats to look opaque and smooth but I personally don’t mind that. This lasted really well and I was very impressed with the wear of this polish.

Now, to talk about Heart Attack, which was nowhere near as exciting to me and a little bit disappointing really. This polish looks like it is packed full of hearts and while I didn’t expect it to be super crazy in terms of how many hearts that made it to the nail, I did expect for more than one to make it to my nails. I actually ended up hand placing the hearts on my nails and then I started losing hearts the next day, so it was a really disappointing experience that I might try again and try to figure out, but as of right now I would suggest saving your money and skipping this one.


And this is the final product on the nails, as you can see the pink polish is very pretty and so close to being the perfect light pink shade for me personally and the hearts are so-so, they are cute but I’m not sure my application was the best. I’m still happy with the final outcome though and would probably rock these two together again, they are very festive for Valentine’s day and I’ll probably wear these two again next year.

What’s your favorite nail polish brand?


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Valentine's Edition


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