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January 2018 Nail Wrap Up

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Time to talk about all the nail looks that I did during the month of January, I did a pretty typical amount for me I think and I am really content with it. I also dabbled with nail art a teeny tiny bit this month, nothing crazy but a little bit and I’m just really happy with nails I have been rocking this past month, so let’s just jump in and see all of them.


I started the month out with something really simple and perfect for the cold weather I think, a really nice icy minty kind of shade. This is Grasshopper Pie from I Scream Nails, which has the cutest packaging of nail polish hands down, they are little ice cream cones and I really love that. This nail polish held up really well and I was overall really happy with the wear of this nail polish.


I started to get a little fancy here, I used Linger Over Coffee from OPI and the gold glitter is Rock At The Top from Essie. I really wish I had done this little triangle of glitter on all of the nails but I did not, so maybe I will have to try this combo again. The wear on this combo was really fantastic and I was super impressed with this one.


I don’t know how well you can see it but I tried to do iridescent mermaid scales, something subtle but also nail art esque. I used two Zoya polishes, the base light blue shade is Blur and the shimmer overtop is Leia. I really love this combo and think they go so well together, they almost seem like they belong together. These polishes lasted pretty well, I got a couple of days with no chips which for me is really good.

20180120_113246This shade does look a lot like the first one I wore in this post but it is not, I try not to wear the same polish twice in a month, just not to overuse it. This is the shade Vintage from Orly. I feel like I often forget that Orly is a brand but every time I fish out one of their polishes I am really happy with the results and wear, this one is no exception.


This is the last one for the month and I know this looks like it belongs in February and will be featured in February, but I did these ones in January and hand placed all of the hearts myself. These are both polishes from NCLA, the base is Valley Girl and the topper is Heart Attack. The base did really well but the topper not so well, I won’t get too much into detail about them since I will be posting a review here shortly.

And those are all of the nail looks that I did during the month of January, nothing too exciting but I did try a few things and tried to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, I’m really happy with them.


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January 2018


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