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January 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

January 2018 lifestyle

I am here today on a regularly scheduled day with an unscheduled and last minute post, I have always done beauty favorites and I tried to incorporate lifestyle at one point in time, but it never really stuck because I felt like my posts were always too long. So, what I’m going to do is test this out again but I’m going to turn them into separate posts, and because of deciding to do this last minute that means there will be a bonus post tomorrow, but for today we are all about talking about my random lifestyle favorites.

I think I’m going to start out with the fact that I have been really into reading this month, I finished the month of January one book ahead of schedule, which is pretty good progress if you as me and I’m really happy with that.

Towards the middle and end of the month I also really started to listen to the new Fall Out Boy album, which I have been enjoying and am currently listening to as I am writing this, it’s not my favorite ever but you can for sure say that I have been loving it this past month.

I very recently became slightly obsessed with the webcomic Check, Please. It barely made it into my January favorites but it did. It’s super cute and fluffy, it’s about hockey boys and based on that I thought that I was really going to hate reading it but I gave it a shot and I am loving it, I do not want it to end but I think I might be nearing the end of it.


Another thing that I am so jazzed about and know it will also be in next months favorites if I do another one of these, is RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars Season 3. I love this show, it might be my favorite reality show and I am all for it right now.

Another show that I have been watching, finally, is Handmaid’s Tale and while I can’t power watch it, I just am not a power watcher of heavier things, I am very much enjoying it and nearing the end of the first season as well. This show is so good.

I don’t know if this one is weird but I have become super into to-do lists during the month of January. Like I find myself writing out to-do lists every weekend for things I need to do. I think it’s really helped with me being more productive and it’s just really satisfying to check off things on a piece of paper, so that has been a thing that I’ve been loving.

January 2018 Playlist

The last part of my lifestyle favorites is a playlist, if I continue doing this I plan on dropping one of these at the end of each post. I’m hoping to make them all ten songs and I’ll link you guys to the playlist on google music, in case you want to listen to it there.

I feel like these posts are slight exposing to the fact that I am a little bit strange and really have bizarre taste in music, but I kind of like that. I like learning about the people that I follow, so maybe someone likes learning about me? Either way, I’m probably going to do at least another one of these posts because I kind of really enjoyed this.

What’s been some of your favorites in January?


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January 2018 Lifestyle


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