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A Look Back At January 2018

Why February2018 Was Awesome

It’s a new year which means some new things are happening here on the blog, I don’t think anything too dramatic has happened or will be happening but there are some new things that I have planned, some of which you have already seen such as Taco Tuesday and Face Mask Friday. I have a couple other monthly posts I’m tinkering around with the ideas of doing, but those are still in the works and the last newer thing is that I’m thinking about switching my post images to something like the one above, which is a style you’ll probably see for the entire month of February as it’s something that I want to try out. None of this really matters but I just wanted to update you, now it is time to talk about the month that is January.

I hate January, I hate it even more now that I live somewhere that gets cold, it’s just a miserable month and I have never really liked it. And boy did this month drag on forever, but now we are into the shortest month of the year and I am sure that the year will once again start flying by, just like 2017 did as a whole.  I don’t know if I am excited about that or not, I think I’m excited just because this year is probably going to be another big year for me, I wonder if that will ever stop being a thing.

Anyway, we are talking about January, the month that I hate and the month that drug one forever, even though nothing particularly interesting happened in the month. January has been a super busy month at work, like so busy, all because of this stupid cold weather that I also hate. Apparently, cold weather leads to a lot of calls in a plumbing and HVAC place, so it has been hectic at work but I’m hoping it starts to warm up here shortly and slows down a little bit, we really need that.

This month has not been exciting and I can’t really think of anything that has been worth noting about this month other than it has been busy and I have felt pretty stressed out, so I’m just happy to see this month end and am hoping for a somewhat more interesting and calmer February.

How did January treat you?


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