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e.l.f. Haul & First Impressions


Yes, I have already done a haul and first impressions post this month, but I enjoyed doing it so much that I am back with another one. Originally I was only going to do a little haul, but last minute I have decided to do first impressions as well since I have tried almost all of the products out once now. So, today we will be talking all about e.l.f.


Mad For Matte Jewel Tone – I am so excited about this little palette, it’s all matte, has a really fun mix of jewel tones and it has pretty good pigmentation, which sounds like a great thing to me. So far, based on just swatches, I think this is going to be a great palette and very fun. So far, so good.

Baked Highlighter Moonlight Pearls – I have heard nothing but good things about this highlighter, this was a free gift with purchase but one that I am excited to get to try out. You have to dig a little bit to get this to really work but once I got through to the good part, it’s a really pretty highlight that is stunning without being too overwhelmingly bright. It’s pretty subtle.

Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow Toast -This was another thing that was a free gift with purchase and is something that I wasn’t sure existed. I am happy to own this, this is really pigmented and a pretty shade of gold that I did not already have in my collection.

Prismatic Glowtion – I am excited to try this out, I love anything glowy and I really love primers right now, so this is kind of the best of both worlds for me at the moment, so this is something I am excited about. This is a little bit of an interesting shade so I’m not sure about it, but I’m very excited to try it.

Hydrating Coconut Mist – I love mists and I love coconut scents so this went straight into my cart, I’ve only used this once on bare skin and I really like it. This smells good and is just a nice little mist.

Navy Waterproof Gel Eyeliner – I love this! It’s blue without being overly blue and it’s a little bit subtle, I am a big fan of that. This has a fantastic formula from what I can tell so far, is really pigmented and is just a really good product.

Highlighting Brush – I wanted this for a little while to try out, this looked like a fantastic product to highlight with which is what it is for. I really like this brush so far and could see myself picking up another in the future.

I think this was a pretty good little haul that I am super excited about, I feel like I haven’t tried out a ton of e.l.f. stuff in a while and they have tons of new products and seemed to have really stepped up their game. So, I’m really excited about getting to test out these products some more.

What are your favorite e.l.f. products?


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