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Nars Narssist Palette Review

Narssist Palette Review1

I’ve had this on my list for far too long, if you’ve been here a while you may recall me hauling this during one of my many 21 days of beauty hauls, but I am just now getting around to talking about it. At least it’s safe to say that I do have a well-formed opinion about this product and all of the cheek products, so let’s just hop right on in and see what I’m thinking about this one.

PSX_20170917_073411Today is all about this boy to the left, the Nars Narsissist Cheek Studio Palette, which will run you $55.00, I personally got mine half off during a 21 days of beauty sale at Ulta, anyway I still don’t think $55.00 for this is a terrible price as it comes with seven cheek products, which is much less than if you bought them individually from Nars.

This comes with Paloma Contour Blush (Pink Beige), Paloma Contour Blush (Deep Rose, Laguna Bronzing Powder and four blush shades that I believe are exclusive to this palette.  It’s a really fun mix of shades, but before we get into that I really wanted to talk about the packaging of this one.

The packaging is very Nars to me, it may not be the typical matte black packaging but I think it still screams Nars with its simple design and mirrored packaging seems to fit the brand really well if you ask me. I have a love-hate with this packaging, I really do love the look of it but because it is mirrored it gets dirty really quickly and really easy, but I do like the look of it.

PSX_20170917_073558Now, let’s get into talking about the good stuff, the product itself. Let’s start with the pink beige shade, this is the highlight shade in this palette pretty much, it’s a matte beige shade and it feels rather nice, I find that it works well for a matte highlight.

Deep Rose, this is an interesting contour shade that I would agree should be called a contour blush, this is too warm to be a contour if you ask me but it is an interesting mix between a contour and a blush.

Laguna bronzer, this is a great bronzer, a really perfect bronzy kind of shade as one would expect and a classic for a reason.

Shade I is the lightest blush of all and probably my least favorite, it doesn’t show up fantastic on my skin and it’s a really purple toned pink, which is not my favorite thing ever.

Shade II is a really gorgeous shade that I think is really reminiscent of that peachy glow most people are going for in the summer, like an orgasm esque shade but also not super similar to orgasm if that makes sense.

PSX_20170917_073730Shade III is like a brighter and bolder version of shade II, and maybe a tad more on the peachy orange side. I really quite like this shade and think this is another great shade for the summertime.

And lastly shade IV, this one is the brightest and most bold, hands down and I really like that. I would suggest using a bit of a lighter hand with it though because it can become too much pretty quickly, otherwise, it’s a really pretty shade.

Now I want to talk about a little bit about the formula of these. I have Nars blush singles and I think the formula in this palette is just as good. These are a little bit on the powdery side of things but these are still really nice.

These are really pigmented, they are something that I would use with a light hand. These are nice powder products.

Overall this is a really nice palette that I am really happy and content with, this comes with a good variety of shades, has a really nice formula and is just an enjoyable product. I would have paid full price for this one.

What’s your favorite blush?


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