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Dupe: Modern Renaissance vs. Rose In The Air

Dupe_ Modern Renaissance vs. RoseIn The Air

I did just do a dupes post featuring the Modern Renaissance a couple of months back, but when I saw the Wet ‘N Wild Rose In The Air I knew it had to be my next dupe post, they are just too similar for me to not do it. So, here we are today, once again talking about the Modern Renaissance palette and some dupes for it.


As you probably already know the two palettes we are putting up against each other are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, this one will run you $42.00, comes with 14 different eyeshadow shadows. The Wet N Wild Rose In The Air palette will run you $4.99 and comes with 10 different shades. The wet ‘n wild one doesn’t have as many shades in it, it also doesn’t include my favorite shade from the Modern Renaissance but it does have 10 out of 14 shades that are nearly identical. Let’s jump right on into talking about color comparisons.

20180104_145151.jpgThe left side is the Modern Renaissance and the right is the Rose In The Air, as you can tell from to swatches they look really close. The only one that really stands out as different to me is Primavera, it’s a lot more gold on the Wet ‘N Wild side of things. Everything else looks good to me and based on swatches alone I would consider these two dupes for each other.

I will say, I do think a few of the shades are better from one brand versus the other, but I do not find that it is consistently from the same brand if that makes sense.

The formulas of these are even pretty similar, they are both rather soft, very pigmented and really easy to work with, I wasn’t surprised to see that the colors were similar but I was really surprised that they acted a lot alike. Sure, I knew beforehand that Wet ‘N Wild had a great eyeshadow formula but I still did not expect it to be that close.


As long as I am remembering correctly, I kept with the theme of putting Modern Renaissance on the left and Rose In The Air on the right, but this picture is flipped so in this picture it should be Rose In The Air on the left and Modern Renaissance on the right. I was a little bit concerned about the gold shimmer shade but once applied it looks almost identical.

I would completely say that these two products are dupes and if you don’t really care about the other four shades the Modern Renaissance has then I would completely skip on it and get the Wet ‘N Wild one as it is significantly cheaper and so far, I think it’s just as good.

Have you tried either of these palettes out?


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