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Face Mask Friday: Boscia Luminizing Pink Mask

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Hello friends, it is Friday and I have decided to start doing my very own face mask Friday posts once a month. I know tons of people do these posts but I thought it would be something fun in incorporate into my content once a month, and give me a reason to use up and try out all those face masks I’ve been hoarding. I may be filling my blog up with content that I do monthly but I’m okay with that, I still think it’s enough variety to get me through, but who knows, maybe I’ll drop some things or be crazy and start blogging six days a week or every day. Probably not but you never know. Anyway, let’s jump on into this face mask Friday.

20171121_201048.jpgWe’re going to start this series out with a bang, something that is really fun and something that I think one might be able to say is a cult classic, the Boscia Luminizing Pink Mask. I feel like the regular one is a cult classic and this one is just a pink version of it, therefore, more fun and still a face mask that I hear a lot about. This face mask will run you $34.00 at Sephora for 2.8 oz, so this is a little bit on the more spendy side of things.

This mask claims to work for all skin types, it also claims to be solutions for pores, oiliness and dull and uneven skin tone. So, to me this sounds like a mask that would probably be best for normal to oily skin but it does say it’s good for all skin types, that’s just my opinion based on what it aims to do.

I personally have fairly normal skin, I get a little on the dry side and a little on the oil side from time to time, but just so you guys are aware for this review, I have pretty middle of the road skin.

PSX_20171123_095044.jpgThis mask is a really cute one if you ask me, which I might just be saying because it is pink and I really love the shade of pink, but for whatever reason it may be, I think it’s a cute one. I find that this one does not have much of a smell to it and it’s a peel-off type, which is my personal favorite, who doesn’t love peeling things off of their skin? I assume everyone does.

I’ve only used this a couple of times now, so I guess this is more like a first impression face mask Friday but that is alright. But, based on a couple of uses I liked this mask, I found that it did a good job and luminizing my skin, can’t really vouch for oiliness and as for pore minimizing I didn’t really notice a lot of that.

I found this really easy to peel off and that it didn’t really hurt either, which is a bonus because sometimes you get a mask that it just a little too stuck to the skin.



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