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Test It Tuesday: Lip Scrub

Etsy Testit Tuesday_ Lip Scrub

It is time for me to introduce a new series to my blog, test it Tuesday, this may turn into try it Tuesday, we’ll see. As of right now it is test it Tuesday. My plans for this is to test out various different products from Etsy, I’m also posting my Etsy picks so I figured it was time that I try out some things. I do shop from Etsy every now and then but I think this series is going to lead to me being a little more frequent, but that’s alright with me. I am super excited about this series so let’s just jump into this post.

20171230_151758.jpgTo kick off this series we are going to start with a lip scrub, this cute little Mint Chip lip scrub is from the SweetClementineSoaps. This Etsy shop makes tons of different handmade soaps, body scrubs, lotions lip balms just to name a few things that they do. So far this is the only thing that I have tried from this shop, but based on this product I am excited to pick out and try a few other things, which might be a little bit of a spoiler to this post but I think that’s alright, you know my review is good but as of right now that’s pretty much all you know.

I want to start by talking about this packaging, it’s very cute and I very much like it. The container itself doesn’t feel super nice but it doesn’t feel cheap either, it’s a pretty average feel to it. The label is the part that I really enjoy on this one, it’s very simple and straightforward while also being really adorable. I love the plaid on the packaging and how the color matches the product scent, it’s really adorable.

20171230_151810.jpgI’ve tried a few lip scrubs so far, though I am mostly used to Lush ones, so the texture of this one was a bit surprising to me. I guess the way I would describe Lush ones are that they are a little bit more dry side, normally I would describe them as dry but after trying this one I would. This lip scrub is very thick and almost paste-like, it’s a little bit strange but at the same time I do not mind it, it’s just not what I was expecting.

And because of the texture, you might already be able to guess this, but this is really moisturizing while also being scrubby. This is probably hands down the most moisturizing lip scrub I have ever tried, which to me is a really fantastic.

You can even see how moisturizing it is in this photo below, which I’m assuming is due the fact that this has argan butter in it.


I’ve talked a lot about the moisture but not enough about the scrub, this scrub is very fine but I think it still does a very good job at buffing the dead skin away, sometimes it doesn’t have to be coarse, a nice gentle and small exfoliant will do.

I think the last thing to go over is the scent and taste of this, this smells incredible, just like mint chocolate ice cream and I really love that about this. As for the taste, it just tastes minty but I’m alright with that as it’s sweet and not overwhelmingly minty in taste.

So, overall I really like this lip scrub and could see myself picking up another one sometime in the future, once I make it through all of the way too many lip scrubs that I already have. Maybe that’s something I need to do this year, work my way through all of the lovely lip scrubs I currently own.

What is your favorite lip scrub?


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