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Review: The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb

The Big SleepJelly BombReview

It’s time for a Lush review, it hasn’t been that long but still, it is time to talk about one of my favorite things, Lush. I love a good Lush bath and I have been itching to try these out, so far I have only tried out the  Secret Arts jelly bomb, so I was a little nervous but also really excited to give another one a go, so let’s just jump right on in and see what I thought about this one.


Alright, let’s start this review out by telling you this is The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb, it will run you $8.95 and it is a vegan product. This bomb is not your typical bath bomb, it is a jelly bomb, which from what I understand, pretty much means that it’s a normal layer but as it fizzes it’s supposed to release jelly that covers the top of your bath water, which sounds both strange and interesting.

This product features some fantastic ingredients such as lavender oil, neroli oil and tonka absolute, to name just a few. This mix of things ends up creating a really soft and relaxing fragrance, which isn’t a scent that I typically go for but this was something that my husband picked out, so that should explain that. I am happy to have gotten to try this out though as I liked it more than I thought I would, which proves that sometimes it does pay off to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

20171015_213236The scent of this is a very soft scent, it’s not overwhelming at all and it’s very calming, it has a lavender scent to it but I do not think this smells like Twilight bath bomb. This has a little bit of a more powdery scent to it and it is much softer, the scent doesn’t really linger very long, but it’s still nice.

Now, I am going to talk a little bit about the appearance of this bomb, you can see the outer appearance in the photo above, which is kind of interesting but also not my favorite. It pretty much just has blue dots in a blue base, nothing too exciting but a bath bomb is not all about the appearance. Once this one is in the water it’s pretty boring still, meaning it is exactly what you would think it is, it’s blue and it turns the water blue, very unsurprising as from the outside it is blue. But, like I said, it’s not always about the appearance of the bath bomb.


Now it is time to go over the jelly part of this bomb, after the last one I was nervous but after this one I was really confused, this was just like a regular bath bomb and I experienced no jelly. So, so far these jelly bombs are not impressing me as the first one had big chunks of jelly that just wouldn’t go away and this one had none at all, which is confusing to me. I kind of assumed these would all perform about the same but it turns out I was wrong in assuming that.

Now, the last thing that I want to go over is the feel of this in the bath, this isn’t really anything particularly moisturizing but it’s not bad, it’s just meh in terms of how luxurious and moisturizing it feels in the water. Nothing exciting both nothing terrible either, which isn’t the worst thing ever. This bath bomb just felt really underwhelming.


So, I guess what I’m trying to say about this jelly bomb is that is overall just meh, the scent isn’t bad but it’s not very strong, it’s just blue in the water, I personally did not notice any jelly in the water, it was just so okay. There is nothing wrong with this one but it’s nothing exciting either, I personally won’t be picking this one up again.

Have you tried the jelly bombs yet?


Lush The Big SleepReview.png


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