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The Balm Haul & First Impression

First Impression Haul_ The Balm

Today I have decided to do a little haul from Black Friday, I know, that was a while ago but I’m showing it off today and doing a bit of a first impression of these products. I haven’t really tried a whole lot from The Balm but everything that I have tried I have liked and I am pretty excited to finally get around to writing this blog post, so let’s just jump right on into it.


Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette – $42.00 – I have been eyeing this for way too long and I finally pulled the trigger on it when it was half off, I am super excited to have it in my possession. This palette has a fantastic mix of matte shades, the eyeshadows themselves are very soft and pigmented, they blend really well. I haven’t used this a ton yet but that is kind of the point of first impressions, not having a full former opinion on a product yet.

Scuba Mascara – $19.00 – I haven’t had a chance to try this yet so I can’t give a proper first impression, but I can say this, I am excited to try out because the wand looks like a wand that I am going to love. Plus, this one is waterproof.

Batter Up in Moon Shot – $17.00  – I have the most experience with this and I can say this much, this one is a fantastic product, I love this shade, I love how creamy this is and how well this goes with a ton of different looks, including just simply wearing it by itself, which is a fantastic added bonus.

Girls Getaway Trio – $24.00 – This is a really fantastic trio, I think all three of these are blushes personally but I am completely okay with that as these are stunning blushes. These are such soft blushes and these are really easily built up, you can wear them a little sheerer or build them up to be super bright, which I like being able to have that control.


Singles in #03, #05, #22 and #42 – $5.50 – These are all fantastic eyeshadows and all things that I did not have in my collection, which I am super happy to have in my collection as they really round it out.

In The Balm of Your Hands Vol. 2 – $32.00 – This is an exciting palette to me, it’s pretty much an all in one palette and I think that is a fantastic thing to own, I really love the shades in this. I love the blushes and the bronzers in here as well, I’m really excited to really test everything in here out. I have tried a few things in here already and so far so good, I’m really happy with this purchase.

And that’s my haul, a smaller haul for me but a fair amount of products to test out from one brand and I am really excited to really get to test these out and form full opinions on these. So far I like everything but who knows, maybe my opinions will change once I have fully formed a opinion on them, probably not though, but either way I am ready to use all of these things more.


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The BalmHaul & FirstImpressions


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