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December 2017 Nail Wrap Up

December2017 NailWrap Up

This is my first nail wrap up of the year and I will be wrapping up the last month of last year, isn’t that just super weird to say? It’s been 2018 for multiple days now but it just feels weird to say it’s 2018. I’m sure by the time that I get used to it, it’ll be about time for me to start using 2019. Anyway, last month I didn’t have that many nail polishes to show but this month I have done a lot better, so let’s jump right on in.


Let’s kick the month off with some sugar cookies in the background and the Marc Jacobs polish in the shade Stone Jungle. I had a better experience with this Marc Jacobs polish but it still wasn’t fantastic, I think there might be a reason why these were at TjMaxx. This isn’t the worst polish but it wasn’t fantastic, I do like the shade though.


Up next is a color that I really loved wearing and am looking forward to wearing again, that is the China Glaze polish in Don’t Be A Snow-Flake. This took a few coats to get to this point but it was worth it, I like the soft white base and all of the glitter. I’m ready to wear this again, that’s how nice it is.


I was a bit sloppy with my application here but I think that’s okay, this was a really nice polish. This looks like a slight jelly base to me with glitter in it, really fun an festive. This shade is Sparkle On from China Glaze, a really nice and fun shade to rock during the month of December.


This looks a little bit bluer than I thought it would in this picture as in person it looks greener, either way, this is another festive and fun pick that I really enjoyed wearing during the month of December. This is the shade Stay Off The Lawn from OPI, a brand that I have been into a lot more as of recently.


These were the nails that I wore to Florida which also means these were my Christmas nails, these didn’t last the whole trip but these did do pretty well and I really loved wearing the combo, it was fun, festive and cute. The base red shade is One and Only from Bonita and the glitter on top is from Essie and is the shade Rock At The Top.


The last polish I put on my nails on the last day of 2017, so it barely made it into this list, it was also the shade that I rung in the new year with. This shade is from Femme Fatale in the shade Siren Melodies. This shade is stunning, it was a gift from my husband in my stocking for Christmas and I’m so excited to have it, it’s a fun, wintery shade that I can see myself wearing here and there throughout the year.

So, for the month of December, I wore a lot more polishes than I did last month, I wore seven different nail polishes for a total of six different looks that you all saw above, I’m really happy with most of them and am looking forward to playing around with my nails a lot more this year, hopefully I can grow my nails out a little and play a little bit with some designs and things. We will just have to wait and see.

What shades did you rock during the month of December?


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