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Disney Inspired: Elsa From Frozen

Disney Inspired

I have decided to keep with my theme of doing princesses, last month I did Snow White and this month I am doing Elsa, even though I know she is technically a queen but whatever, she is my pick for this month and I think I’m going to keep with it throughout my picks until I finish the princesses. But who knows, I could change my mind in the next two months.  But for now, that is the path I am set on and today I have prepared Elsa for you.

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e.l.f. Haul & First Impressions


Yes, I have already done a haul and first impressions post this month, but I enjoyed doing it so much that I am back with another one. Originally I was only going to do a little haul, but last minute I have decided to do first impressions as well since I have tried almost all of the products out once now. So, today we will be talking all about e.l.f.

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Nars Narssist Palette Review

Narssist Palette Review1

I’ve had this on my list for far too long, if you’ve been here a while you may recall me hauling this during one of my many 21 days of beauty hauls, but I am just now getting around to talking about it. At least it’s safe to say that I do have a well-formed opinion about this product and all of the cheek products, so let’s just hop right on in and see what I’m thinking about this one.

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2018 Beauty Wishlist

Add heading

I did one of these last year and it was in my top ten most popular posts, so I’m assuming you guys liked reading it and I really enjoyed writing it, so I am back this year with my 2018 beauty wishlist. Last year I called it a makeup wishlist but this year I am going with beauty, mostly because I didn’t want to just limit myself to makeup, so there is a slight difference this year. But, the basics are still the same, these are products that I’m really hoping to try out during the year of 2018, let’s get into the list.

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Dupe: Modern Renaissance vs. Rose In The Air

Dupe_ Modern Renaissance vs. RoseIn The Air

I did just do a dupes post featuring the Modern Renaissance a couple of months back, but when I saw the Wet ‘N Wild Rose In The Air I knew it had to be my next dupe post, they are just too similar for me to not do it. So, here we are today, once again talking about the Modern Renaissance palette and some dupes for it.

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A Look Back: Best Looks of 2017

A Look Back_Best MakeupLooks 2017

Today I have decided to take a look back and talk about ten of my favorite makeup looks I did in the year of 2017, I’m a bit late on this one but I don’t think I’m too late, it’s completely still acceptable to be talking about 2017, right? Right. Some of these may be looks that you’ve seen before, maybe here on the blog or on Instagram, and some of them may be ones that have never quite made the cut to either place, but whichever they are my favorites that I did during the year of 2017.

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Taco Tuesday: Our Classic Chicken Taco

TacoTuesday #1

Another new monthly post, I’m finally branching out a little bit into other things, which is what I intended to do with this blog in the first place, have a heavy influence on beauty but not feel constricted to not posting other things like food-related posts and such. So, today I am doing my very first Taco Tuesday post. This idea came when my husband and I were driving somewhere and we were chatting about tacos and how fun it would be to play around with different kinds of tacos, so to ensure that we stuck to it I decided to make this a monthly feature over here. Today we are going to kick this one off with our classic chicken tacos, a recipe that we have been doing for quite some time now.

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Etsy Finds #6

Etsy Finds#6

I can’t believe we are already over halfway through this month, it doesn’t feel quite as fast as last year went by, but still, this time thing really needs to slow down a little bit. But, on the plus side that means that it is time for me to write one of my all-time favorite posts and that is an Etsy finds post, this is my sixth one, I can’t even believe that but I am super excited about it. Let’s jump right on into my picks for this month.

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The Body Shop Haul

The BodyShop Haul

I can’t remember when this happened but a little while back The Body Shop had a 3 for $33 sale, and there was a glitchy coupon code that took $25 off on top of that, so I decided to make a few orders. Long story short, I got a really good deal on all of these products and am really excited to try them out and share them with you guys, so let’s get into this haul.

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Face Mask Friday: Boscia Luminizing Pink Mask

Untitled design (1)

Hello friends, it is Friday and I have decided to start doing my very own face mask Friday posts once a month. I know tons of people do these posts but I thought it would be something fun in incorporate into my content once a month, and give me a reason to use up and try out all those face masks I’ve been hoarding. I may be filling my blog up with content that I do monthly but I’m okay with that, I still think it’s enough variety to get me through, but who knows, maybe I’ll drop some things or be crazy and start blogging six days a week or every day. Probably not but you never know. Anyway, let’s jump on into this face mask Friday.

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