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It’s time to wrap up and talk about the year of 2017.

I did one of these last year, I know I do monthly wrap-ups and I will still be doing one for December, just because I personally enjoy writing these posts and looking back to see what was going on during the year or the month.

I feel like 2016 was so eventful and while a lot went on in 2017 I really don’t think it was anywhere near as much. We started the year off with a lot of wedding planning and wrapping up a lot of loose ends, though we didn’t really finish until probably August with everything. It was worth it though as it was a really great day.

Getting married was, of course, another huge thing that happened this year, I would say it was probably the biggest and most exciting part of my 2017, which is no real surprise as I think that’s a pretty big thing. Like I said above, it was really fun and at the time of writing this post I still don’t have my photos so I can’t share any of them with you yet, but I’m super excited to get those and share them with pretty much everyone I know.

Another thing that happened this year was I started working full time, which has for sure been a shift in comparison to last yes, working 15-20 hours a week. That has been a huge shift, especially with the blog in tow, but I think I dealt with it fairly well and have been doing pretty well, the only thing that has been a bit challenging is Blogmas, just so many posts to write.

There have been some really fun trips to Florida, one of which was just a few days ago and I just recently got back from that trip, which I do believe I have a little bit of a post planned for this one so I can go more in depth about this trip. During my summer visit, I went to Disney World, which is for sure another big bullet point for the year, as that was a super fun trip but anything involving Disney World is fun.

Really, I haven’t had the most eventful year but I don’t have the most eventful life either, I’m okay with that as I had a really good and happy year. Here’s to a great 2018.

How was your 2017?


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