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2017 Miscellaneous Favorites

2017 Miscellaneous Favorites

We have made it, we are finally at the end of the yearly favorite, this is the last one that I plan on doing and this is probably hands down the most random because this is just miscellaneous things to me. So, this pretty much means personal and lifestyle things that I can’t really photograph and that I don’t often talk about, I don’t really ever talk about things I’m just enjoying in my life. Should I start talking about random favorites in the new year? I might, we’ll see. Anyway, let’s jump right on into these favorites.

I just want to start this out by talking about Buffer, is it acceptable to have this as a favorite? Because this has for sure been a favorite of mine. Buffer is a program that allows you to schedule Instagram, Twitter and a bunch of other posts, which is super handy and has been especially helpful during Blogmas, but also all year. This has been a huge favorite this year.

I will be posting some photos from this day eventually but I just wanted to mention my wedding as a favorite because I got married and think that’s a big deal, along with it being really fun and a great day.

Baking has really been something that I’ve found my love for again this year, I’ve always loved to bake but I feel like I really baked a fair amount this year, had a lot of fun with it and have been playing around with it more than I typically do. I’ve also been cooking a lot more this year, but I blame that on living on my own with my significant other and really having to learn to be a better cook.

I don’t know how this next one happened, I blame trying to work out and get into better shape but protein bars have been a thing that I’ve been dabbling in and my current all time favorite is the One Protein Almond Bliss bars, these are fantastic, they taste like almond joy and the coconut really helps disguise that protein texture that protein bars tend to have.

Bob’s Burgers has to be on this list, it’s hands down my favorite show that is currently on, it’s the best and I don’t think I really need to say anything more about this one because it’s fantastic.

And on the note of tv shows, I have been loving the Steven Universe Soundtrack. I also love the show but the music from that show is fantastic and I am so happy that they released this, it’s a fantastic addition to the experience that is the show.

A book that I really loved reading this year was Before The Devil Breaks You by Libba Bray. I adore the diviners series and was itching waiting for this one to come out, it was just as enjoyable as the other two and it was a real stand out book in my personal reading list, I really enjoyed it.

And the last random thing that I am going to include on this list are Trader Joe’s Banana Chips, I have had a little bit of a problem with these because I just eat them so much  at this point. They are just a really tasty snack.

And those are all of the things that I really wanted to make sure got mentioned as favorites of the year, a bit random and a little bit more personal but I figured I would share since I pretty much shared all of my other favorites. I will say, I should have treated this like I did the others and sat down to really think about what I wanted to include instead of coming up with it on the fly, it probably would have made this post a wee bit better. Next year. Now, this finally concludes my end of year favorites, hope you guys have enjoyed.

What are some of your random favorites from this year?


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