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2017 Skin & Body Favorites

2017 Skin & Body Care Favorites

Today it is time for my third installment of my yearly favorites, which also means that I am halfway through my favorites for the year, I have two more posts planned after this, yearly favorites wise anyway. Today I will be talking a little bit about skin care and body care that I have been loving this year, so let’s just jump right on into it.


Lush Maypole Body Lotion – This is something I can’t link you to because it is a Lush kitchen item, this is a favorite though and while I debated not including it in my favorites I decided to do it just because I really love it. I am in love with every aspect of this, I love that the formula is really moisturizing but yet thin, it’s a really fantastic formula. The best part of this is hands down the smell though, this smells like peppermint but it smells like sweet and delightful peppermint, I love it so.

Skinfood Watermelon Mask – This has quickly become a favorite of mine, especially after I workout, this is a huge go to after I workout. I like this other times but after I get back from a running this is super refreshing to smear on my face and it really helps reduce redness quickly from the run, or maybe that’s just my skin but either way, I really love this face mask. Also, this smells really delicious.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – This is something that I adore using, especially at this time of year as my lips are getting really dry. I love applying this before bed but I also find myself applying this here and there throughout the day. This stuff is super moisturizing, smells really sweet and candy-like and also tastes kind of candy like. I’m a big fan.

Tony Moly Peach Punch Sweet Foam Cleanser – This has been a cleanser that I have been using a lot this year, it’s pretty gentle but not quite as gentle as some other cleansers I’ve used, I probably wouldn’t use this one the eyes but I would say this is fairly gentle. This really helps me deep clean my skin, smells really sweet and is just an all around good product.

Lush Just To clarify Jelly Face Mask – This sounds really weird, I know that, but I am super glad that I gave it a shot because this is clearly a product that I am enjoying a lot as it is in my favorites. This feels a little more solid than the shower jellies but it’s really easy to break up and spread all over the face to make a mask out of it. This makes my skin feel super soft and this also smells really amazing, almost like orange cake, it’s really a delightful experience if you ask me.

Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom – This is a fantastic product, I like it so much that I recently picked up three of the other scents but so far this one has been my favorite. This one smells amazing, kind of like cake and it also gives a tiny little bit of shimmer to the lips which I think is really nice and flattering. This is something I use mostly for the lips but from what I understand this can be used anywhere pretty much as a salve can.

Lush Ocean Salt – This is hands down my favorite scrub that I have ever used, not only is it super exfoliating and is a fantastic scrub, this really leaves my skin feeling fairly moisturized and so soft. This is so expensive but after having this back in my life again I am really not sure that I can live without it, this smells amazing, is a fantastic scrub and moisturizer, an all-around fantastic product.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser – This is hands down my all time favorite cleanser and I think it always will be, I feel like this gets me a deep clean and removes all the makeup from my face, this is really gentle and I can use this on my eyes and this doesn’t have much of a smell to it. This is overall just one of those really fantastic products that I am not sure I could live without.

Pixi Glow Tonic – I didn’t photograph this because I am using a different toner at the moment that I am trying to go through before picking this up again but this is hands down the best toner that I’ve ever used. This really helps keep my skin clear and glowing, which is a huge reason why I use this. It is a fantastic product.

Ahava Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum – I didn’t photograph this one because at the time that I took this photo I didn’t have one on hand, it’s back in my possession now and I’m super excited about this. I know I am young and don’t really need to be using this, but I do love it, I mix a little bit of this in with my moisturizer and it really just adds a bit of extra moisture and plumpness to my skin I think, so that’s why it’s on the list this year.

And those are all of my skin and body care favorites from the past year, I feel like I kept it fairly short but I really wanted to make sure that I only shared products that I really loved this year, even if that means that my favorites are a little bit shorter. Also, I did add a couple of things that I did not have on hand to take photos of, which I hope no one minds. I also would have included a moisturizer in this post if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t really have one that I found that stuck out this year.

What are some of your favorite skin and body care products from this year?


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