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2017 Nail Favorites

2017 NailFavorites

Yes, I just finished Blogmas and now I’ve decided on taking on doing my end of year favorites and wrap-ups for the year over the next week, then we will be back to regularly scheduled programming. Which pretty much means I will be here until the third. Anyway, we are starting out the 2017 favorites with nails, so let’s jump on in!


Zoya Armor Base Coat – This has been my go-to base coat of the year, it really helps make my nail polish last and really anchors the color to my nails, which is what I look for in a nail polish base coat, something that really prolongs the wear of my polish.

OPI Sugarplum Yum – I cannot link this nail polish because it is a super old one that I actually got off of eBay. This is fairly new to me but this is a nail polish that I obsessed over on Pinterest for months before finally hunting down, paying way too much and finally getting my hands on it. I’ve worn this two or three times and I had to include it in this list because I just loved it that much.

Zoya Leslie – Is hands down one of my favorite nail polishes, probably easily my favorite nail polish from this past year, this one is really interesting to me as it is a light purple polish with a blue flash to it, it’s sparkly, fun and perfect for the spring and summertime. I am so ready to break this one out again.

Sally Hansen The Big Peel Off – I think this is something that I discovered this year and was so excited to have, not only do I love peeling my nail polish off, I especially love glitter polish so this makes removing glitter polish super easy and really fun to remove. I really need to break this out some more in the new year as I almost forgot about it.

Zoya Armor Top Coat – To go along with my favorite base coat of the year, this is my favorite top coat of the year, I find that this really helps prolong the wear of my nail polish while also making my polish fairly shiny, which is everything I am looking for in a good top coat.

OPI I Believe In Manicures – I love this soft blue shade, this is the first bottle that really made me fall in love with this formula and this polish lasts really well on the nails. All around I think this is a fantastic polish and am super happy to have picked this up this past year.

NYX Frosted – Is a really soft color that I never knew I needed but am super happy that I picked up, it’s a really light color that almost looks like a slightly shimmery white polish with the slightest bit of a pink tint to it, I never thought I would love a polish that is basically white on its own but it is really flattering and I’m a big fan.

OPI Reykjavik Has All The Hot Spots – This is another newer shade to me but this is a stunning shade and I had to talk about it, it’s pink, metallic but almost like a neutral color of nail polish. The other thing about it is that it actually lasts really well on the nails.

And those are all of the shades and products that I just had to talk about in this year’s favorites post, I don’t typically feel like I love OPI nail polishes but when I was sitting down to look through my polishes, a lot of the ones that really jumped out at me were either from OPI or Zoya, so that is why a lot of this list is between these two brands.

What have been some of your nail favorites of the year?


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