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Review: Lush Tree D

Tree D Review

It’s time for my last Lush review of the month, I’m slightly disappointed in myself for not planning more Lush reviews but it is far too late to change my mind and shift things around. Anyway, today is all about the Tree D bath melt from Lush, so let’s just jump right on into talking about it.

20171216_081203This is the Tree D bath melt, well almost, mine is a little bit broken, which won’t affect its performance but is slightly annoying because this one was so cute before it was broken. This is one of the more of a 3-D bath melt, there have been a few so far that I know of that Lush has released and this one is one of them, it’s so cute and especially this one because it is a Christmas tree, complete with little red ornaments even, such a great little detail. I love it.

Anyway, this is a vegan bath melt, this one features ingredients such as fair trade cocoa butter, almond oil, tangerine oil and grapefruit oil. A really good mix of products for a fun little tree.

I guess now we can get into the next part of this review since we already talked about the look of it, let’s talk about the look in the water.

20171216_081536I know the bath melt is green but I wasn’t completely sure how this one was going to go once in the water, I wasn’t sure if it was going to tint the water the slightest bit or not do anything at all, but it turns out that this changed the color of the water a fair amount. Note, I did only use half because I wasn’t feeling up for a full bath melt when I used this, but I imagine the color wouldn’t be that drastically different but it probably would be more green. If I’m being honest I’m actually really loving the look of this soft minty water, so I’m glad I didn’t use more.

Now, that was a lot of rambling about water aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaolpPPPI*color, let’s talk about the fact that this is super moisturizing as you would probably expect from a bath melt, using only half it was pretty moisturizing but not quite as moisturizing a full one of the smaller round ones, but still nice and once I got out of the tub it felt like I had already applied lotion, which is a really great bonus feature of these bath melts.

The last thing to talk about is the scent of this, of course, this smells like citrus but it smells different than a lot of the other citrus scents at lush, this smells a little bit like sprite to me but not overly so, it’s rather nice. It’s a really bright and uplifting scent, I find that it lasted well in the water and pretty decently on the skin.

Overall, I am really happy with this bath melt and would completely pick up another one of these, it smells good, feels nice in the bath and it leaves the bath water a nice minty shade that I quite enjoy.


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