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Review: Buxom Lips Off Leash

Buxom LipsOff Leash Review1

I am here today to review a holiday set, it’s a little bit late in the season I guess but I think it’s still acceptable to review this, today I will be reviewing the Buxom Lips Off Leash set, this is a pretty big buxom set, much larger than the one I reviewed earlier this month. I have really been loving Buxom lip products so I knew I just had to have this set and I’m really quite happy to have picked this one up. Let’s get into it.

20171025_164900.jpgThis is quite a set, this one comes with eight full-on lip creams and seven full-on lip polishes and it will run you $59.00. This is a bit expensive for a set of mini lip products but it does seem like a really good value if you ask me because that is a total of fifteen different shades, which is a bunch and a great way to try out a bunch of different shades.

I’m going to talk about these by types of groups starting with the full-on lip polishes, just because I like those a tiny bit less and I have a little bit less experience with them, so let’s start out with those.

These have a minty scent to them and a slightly plumping feeling on the lips, these also all have a tiny bit of shimmer to them and there are quite a few more bold shades in this bunch I think. These are a nice formula, these are a little bit sticky but nothing too much I don’t think. I quite enjoy them and am super happy to have a nice variety to try out.

20171025_165002.jpgNow to talk about the full-on lip creams, which are pretty similar but are not exactly the same. These seem to have more of a selection of softer and more natural colors, which is what I personally prefer. These have that same minty scent and plumping feeling as the ones above, it’s nothing too much but just enough to plump the lips a tiny little bit.

These do not have any shimmer in them, they are a true cream and I love that about them, sometimes it’s nice to have a little shimmer but for the most part, I personally enjoy a cream. These are very glossy but they aren’t super sticky, I think any lip gloss has a bit of stickiness to them, but these aren’t too bad.

Now, I’m going to show you some swatches, I was going to list the name of the swatches but I didn’t write them down and am not confident that I will get them all right, so instead I’m just going to dump a couple of photos that feature all of the shades in this set swatched.

The set of swatches on the left art the full-on lip creams and on the right are the lip polishes. I really think both products are fantastic and am really happy to have picked up this set, these are both sets of products that I will use though there are a few shades that I will end up passing along. I think this is a fantastic set for anyone you know that is a lip gloss lover, or if you are just a lip gloss lover I would for sure pick this up, these are fantastic, come with a ton of colors and is just all around a really good set that I am completely happy with.

What’s your favorite lip gloss?


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