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Review: Lush Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater Review

It is time for another Lush holiday product review, I really did not plan enough of these but a few are better than nothing and I am sure I will just talk about my favorites later on in the new year because it’s completely okay to review products a month late, right? I think so. Anyway, today we are talking about the festive Christmas Sweater bath bomb, let’s just jump right on in and get into it.

20171211_194520.jpgLet’s start this one out by talking about the outward appearance of this one, which is how I pretty much always start out all of these reviews even though you can clearly see what this bath bomb looks like in the photo to the left or the link to the Lush page that I always link to. Anyway, this one is so cute! Mine isn’t the cutest but I still like it, it’s a red bath bomb with two little white reindeers on it, I’m sure it’s meant to resemble a  Christmas Sweater which I think it does.

Something else I want to mention about this bath bomb off the bat is that it is vegan and this one will run you $7.95. This bath bomb also features ingredients such as ginger powder, mustard powder, coriander seed oil and clove bud oil. So, as you might be able to guess this bath bomb has a more spicy scent to it, which I personally like.

20171211_194613.jpgLet’s expand on the scent of this one some, this one for sure is spicy, I think this smells like cinnamon and glove with just the slightest touch of citrus. This one smells really strong before it hits the water and once it hits the water, but once it has dissolved completely and settled a little the scent pretty much goes away completely, which was really disappointing.

Now, let’s talk about how this feels in the water, this is a really moisturizing bath bomb, it felt really luxurious to me and I was really happy with that part of it. I think if you are looking for something with some moisture then this is the one for you.

The last thing that I want to talk about is the appearance of this one in the bath, I have saved the best for last and that is because I have some extra photos to dump after this. This one is really pretty in the bath, it has red, yellows and oranges that swirl together to end up making your bath water red. I really love it and think it was really pretty.

It’s just a such a pretty, bright and firey bath bomb, I love it!

Overall, I like this bath bomb, the only slightly negative thing I have to say about it is that I wish the scent lingered a little bit longer in the water but it’s alright, it felt good and was really pretty, so it accomplished the job of a damn good bath in my opinion.

What’s your favorite Lush holiday product?


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