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Stitch Fix Lookbook


A few months ago I did my very first Stitchfix review and really enjoyed it, so much so that I have received another box and am very excited about it. I intended to feature each item by themselves so I would have five different outfits, but instead, I combined two pairs of two so I only have three shots but I am okay with that, so this is a tiny little lookbook, this may also be my very first ‘Lookbook’ on here and I am very excited. Let’s get into it.

I wanted to share my makeup look for this lookbook a little bit closer up, along with I forgot to get two shots of this first outfit, so the photo on the left is my simple but cute makeup.  The dress on the right is so cute, it’s from the brand Byer California, it’s the Irene Faux Wrap Brushed Midi Knit Dress and it retails for $48.00. I really like this dress and this is completely something that I would have never picked out for myself, I’m not much of a red wearer and I don’t really love the high low usually, but I really like this dress. I styled it very simply, with just a pair of little booties and a pair of simple gold triangle earrings that you cannot see, but they are there. The only thing that I may be able to say slightly negative about this dress is that I wish it were a real wrap dress instead of a faux one, but it’s still really cute and I can see myself wearing it.

I want to start out by saying that this is probably my favorite outfit because it features my two favorite items, plus I just really love this full body shot. This one features this dark green dress from the brand Crescent Raica Dress which will run you $48.00. The other piece in this one is the boots, these are from the brand Diba and they are the Madison Faux Suede Bootie, they will run you $65.00. I love these boots, these boots are something that I would have completely picked out for myself, they are the color I love, I love the zippers, I love booties and I love this little heel. The other piece is the dress, which I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself due to it being a little bit fancier than what I would typically wear, which I think this looks less dressed up than I thought it would be. This is a great shade and a great style I think, a really great dress that I can wear for Christmas in either Florida or Virginia. I am so happy with everything about this look.

Now for the final outfit, a much more casual look that is a little bit outside of my typical style but I think this looks cute together and I’m happy with how this came together, it looks like a really casual winter outfit to me. This one has two pieces in it as well, the first is the jean jacket which is the Pixie Distressed Boyfriend Denim Jacket from the brand STS Blue, it costs $58.00. The other piece this the dress which is from French Grey and is the Adara Brushed Knit Dress, it will run you $48,00. I think this is a really casual and fun style outfit, it’s very simple but I added some fun touches to it.

Overall, I am super happy with everything in this box and ended up keeping the whole thing, which meant I got 25% off and I think that was a steal. The last time I did this I had some sizing issues and a couple things just weren’t exactly what I wanted, but this time everything fit great and was completely my style, so I am super happy and really looking forward to doing another one of these, though I will wait and probably just do these seasonally, but there for sure will be a spring one as I am so excited about this.


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* While I am affiliated with Stich Fix, there is no incentive for me to be biased in my reviews.
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