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Lush Gift Guide 2017

Lush Gifts Guide

Yesterday we talked all about single products and today we are talking about gift sets and knot wraps from Lush, I probably should have included the knot wraps in yesterdays post but I didn’t really want to make it even longer than it is. I will not be talking about all of the gift sets they have out for the Holidays today but instead fifteen of what I think are the best sets they are selling this year, so let’s talk about gifts.


1. Evergreen – $21.95 – Vegan – The first one I picked is a smaller giftset but is also one that I think has a more spicy and masculine theme to it, so for those boys who love Lush in your life. This comes with Lord of Misrule Shower Cream and Hidden Mountain Soap, so this one is also for that shower lover you know.

2. Wow – 349.95 – Vegan – I know, this one is expensive but I had to include this in the best of the gift sets because it’s probably the best one, it’s just really expensive. This is such a great gift every year because it features a lot of the products from the holiday range but not all of them, this is a great mix of products and if you have a serious Lush lover in your life I know they would love this.

3. The Night Before Christmas – $17.95 – Vegan – This gift set is a smaller one again, this is one that I am debating getting for my husband but we’ll see. This one features the classic twilight scent from lush in the form of a shower gel and lotion. The lotion smells amazing, I am personally not a huge fan of the shower gel but I also don’t really like lavender. But, I still think this is a great little gift to help someone you know drift off to dreamland.

4. Merry & Bright – $85.95 – Vegan – I think this is a great gift set because I think this one is pretty scattershot, it has all kinds of different things in it and in various different scents. We’ve got rosy, citrusy, sweet and minty in this set so I think that makes it a great gift to someone who loves Lush but isn’t completely sure what scent that they would like.

5. Secret Garden – $56.95 – Vegan – This one is not my cup of tea but I know a lot of people love the scent family and I feel like most moms like this too, mainly because my mom and mother in law love this scent. This box features pretty much exclusively the Rose Jam scent with a couple other things in it, so a great gift for those who love a fresh and floral scent.


6. Sparkle – $49.95 – Not Vegan – This is probably one of my personal favorite gift sets, mostly because it is really citrusy and really focuses on scrubs, which is right up my alley. Four out of five products in this box are very citrusy and four out of five products are vegan, so this is not for those are don’t use non-vegan products, still a fantastic set with some of my favorite things in it.

7. Starry Night – $19.95 – Vegan – This is another smaller gift set but this one includes a knot wrap, you can do tons of things with knot wraps, I personally wear them as headbands but I also don’t have a whole lot of them. Anyway, this set includes two space-themed bath products, Star Light Star Bright bath melt and Rocket Science bath bomb, some really cute and glitter, brightly scented citrus products full of glitter, for that glittery bath love everyone knows.

8. The Man In The Moon – $59.95 – Vegan – This might be the giftset that I personally want the most, it has all of the bath products that I really like in it plus it’s in this super cute box that I’m sure can be reused. I’m probably going to pick this one up during the after Christmas sale if they have it still. Anyway, this one is for that bath lover as it comes with six various bath products, some citrusy, some minty and some floral, so a really nice mix of products.

9. Snow Fairy – $49.95 – Vegan – I had to include this in this list because this is just such a classic Lush holiday scent and includes pretty much all of the products that have the Snow Fairy scent in it this year, they are missing a couple but I think if you like Snow Fairy you’ll still love this gift. This is for sure for someone who wants to smell like sweet cotton candy and be a little bit glittery.

10. Wonderful Christmas Time – $149.95 – Vegan – This is a bigger one and this is for sure another one for any bath love you know, this one includes a ton of the holiday range bath products and has a bunch of different scents, so anyone can enjoy this one as it has something for everyone.


11. Season’s Greeting – $56.95 – Vegan – Another giftset that is all bath products, this one has a lot more of a spicy theme to it but it does have other scents as well, but I think a big reason why I picked this one is because of the tin. I know, kind of a stupid reason but I thought it was cute and liked the idea of giving someone something they can use again and again. Plus, the lush holiday tins are always so cute.

12. Jolly Hollydays – $49.95 – Vegan – This one has a mix of products in it and has a soft smell kind of theme, most of the products in this one have that creamy, vanilla sweet smell to it but there are a couple of other products in it that really round it out and making it a little bit more interesting.

13. Best Wishes – $29.95 – Vegan – This is a smaller gift set that features a bath bomb, bubble bar, and shower cream. The bath products have a spicy scent to them and citrusy scent and the shower cream smells like straight up cola, hands down the best products from this year’s range.  This gives a nice little variety of products.

14. Golden Wonder – $19.95 – Vegan – This one is a small gift set yet again and is for the glitter and bath lover in your life, this features a bath bomb and a bath melt that both have lots of gold glitter and luster in them, so if you aren’t ready to sparkle this one will not be for you.

15. Little Snow Fairy – $19.95 – Vegan – This one is all Snow Fairy but it’s a small little set and it’s one that someone you know without a tub can enjoy, because this one is a small shower gel and a sparkle jar, which is basically a dusting powder inside of a massage bar jar. I think this is a great little set for someone who wants to be sparkly and smell like candy.


16. Oh Christmas Tree – 8.95 – This is hands down the cutest knot wrap this year and my favorite, really simple, but fun colored and festive still.

17. Christmas Dream – $8.95 – This one is probably one of the least traditional looking ones but it’s really fun, bright and wintery so I think it’s pretty cute.

18. Snowflake – $8.95 – More of a wintery one than anything else and really fun colored as well, I think this one would make a super cute headband.

19. Starry Night – $8.95 – This one is probably the least festive of all but I still think it’s cute, it’s fun, bright and those are basically just Christmas tree shaped rocket ships, right?

20. It’s Christmas Deer – $8.95 – This one is really adorable, it features all of Santa’s reindeer and that is just adorable, I think this one is just so sweet and festive.

And those are all of my knot wraps and gift picks from the Lush holiday range this year, there are a bunch of other gift sets so if you didn’t see something you liked in this post there are others you can check out always. These are just the ones I thought were best. Also, this time marking vegan wasn’t quite as pointless as we had one box that wasn’t’ vegan, but I think next year I’m just going to mark the ones that aren’t because now it seems a tiny bit pointless because most Lush products are vegan apparently. But yes, I think all of these sets would make fantastic gifts.

What is your favorite Lush giftset?


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