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Lush Holiday 2017 Wishlist!

Lush Wishlist

I may not post about it quite as much as I once did, but I love Lush and I’m not sure if that will ever change, especially during the holiday season because they release so many new products and it’s just so fun and exciting. Because of that I’ve decided to do two days of Lush things in this years Blogmas, the first being my Lush wishlist which is essentially the whole entire range minus a few things and I am completely serious about that, and tomorrow I’m going to talk about what I think are the best gift sets this year. But today, you should grab a snack, a drink and settle in because this one is probably going to be a long one.


Thundersnow Bath Bomb – $6.95 – Vegan – I do already have one of these so I can say that this one does actually smell amazing if you like minty scents then you will like this one. I like the scent of this one a lot, I like that it’s not overly minty and it’s not too sweet either, it’s something completely different from what I would usually go for.

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb – $7.95 – Vegan – This is is a new one this year and is a little bit outside what I typically go for, this one is both a little bit citrusy and cozy, I quite like it.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb – $7.75 – Vegan – This one has come back from last year, I liked the older design better but the new design does make it a lot more moisturizing due to the fact that all the stars in this one are actually bath melts. This one smells like sweet honey and I am a big fan of that.

Butter Bear Bath Bomb – $4.95 – Vegan – I know this is just a regular line bomb in the shape of a bear, but it’s still really cute and I like Butterball so I usually like to enjoy one or two of these this season. I usually stock up after Christmas because these are really moisturizing bath bombs and if you want to add extra moisture to another bath bomb the scent is so light that it pairs with most things, which makes this a fantastic bath bomb if you ask me.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – $7.75 – Vegan – This is easily one of my favorite bath bombs and I’m so glad they brought it back this year, they even have a giant one which I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of curious about it but not sure that I’ll pick one up. Anyway, this one is super fun because it’s wrapped already and this has a little surprise inside, plus this just really smells amazing.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar – $7.95 – Vegan – This one is back from Christmas’s past and I am so jazzed about it, this might be my favorite bubble bar, I just love this scent. Normally I hate floral scents but this one smells like natural and fresh jasmine, it also leaves my skin feeling like that for days, so I am glad to see this little guy back.

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb – $7.95 – Vegan – I really can’t remember if I got a chance to try this one last year so I am happy to see the return of this one so I can give it a try, this one is yet another citrus scent which I feel like is a bit much on their part, but as someone who loves citrus I am glad to see so much of it.

The Snowman Bubbleroon – $7.95 – Vegan – This one might be the cutest! I will say I was a little bit disappointed when I saw the scent of this one, I love citrus but there was a part of me that was hoping they brought back the Melting Snowman scent from my very first Lush Christmas, but they did not. This one has a really bright citrus smell and boy is he cute.

Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb – $5.95 – Vegan – This has a great citrus smell to it, it’s unlike a lot of the other citrus scents I think, it has a candy kind of scent to it that I really enjoy. This one is also interestingly shaped and while it looks pretty boring on the outside, it seems like a bomb that’s going to be pretty cool in the bath.

Man In The Moon Bubble Bar – $12.95 – Vegan – I reviewed this recently so if you saw it then you know how I feel about this, this smells of Calacas and has easily become one of my favorite bubble bars, I’m already dreading them taking this one away.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar – $7.45 – Vegan – This such a classic to me, I hate the Snow Fairy Shower Gel but I love the scent in all it’s other forms pretty much. This smells like straight cotton candy to me, has some shimmer to it and turns my bath water pink so you can count me in as a fan.

Tree D Bath Melt – $6.95 – Vegan – I think is such a cute design for a bath melt and it smells so good, this is just all around a triple threat as it is also super moisturizing. You might be surprised but this one also has a citrus scent, it’s very bright and energizing so I am a big fan of it.


Magic Wand Bubble Bar – $8.95 – Vegan – I feel like there are going to be a bunch of Snow Fairy scents things in here that are not Snow Fairy. This is basically the same thing as Candy Mountain bubble bar except it’s reusable and on a stick, which I think makes it extra cute.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb – $7.95 – Vegan – This is one of the few things on this list that I haven’t seen nor smelled in person, but I am curious. I have has mixed feelings on the Jelly Bombs so far so I’m not sure about them, but I’d be open to giving them another shot, especially if it smells like cotton candy.

Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar – $11.95 – Vegan – A bubble bar that I have not yet gotten my hands on is this one, this one is unsurprisingly citrus scented and I am interested, as I always am.

Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream – $9.95/3.3oz – Vegan – When you read the ingredients in this one it sounds pretty strange but when you smell it it’s amazing, if you only picked up one item from the Christmas range this year I think this would be the one I would suggest getting because it smells like straight up cola and that is delightful.

Bubbly Shower Gel – $9.95/3.3oz – Vegan – This is something the brought back from last year and I am so happy that they did, this is a great scent and from a great scent family, if you like Golden Wonder then you will love this one as they smell the exact same.

Santa Baby Lip Scrub – $9.95 – Vegan – This is another thing that I would consider a Lush Christmas classic and is easily my favorite lip scrub that I’ve ever used, this smells and tastes like cola and I am so excited to have it back, I buy a new little tub every single year because I love it that much.

Salt and Peppermint Bark Scrub – $8.95 – Vegan – I love the way the smells, it’s probably one of my favorite scents and I did try it once, I thought it was a bit too rough but I really love the way this one smells so I’m really debating trying this one out again.

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar – $9.95 – Vegan – These seem a bit strange and that really intrigues me, I usually like to try out new Lush products. This one isn’t that out there but it does sound interesting, it’s pretty much a dusting powder in a container made out of a sparkly massage bar, which sounds good to me. I’m for sure interested.

Snow Fairy Fun – $8.95 – Vegan – I love shaving with fun and haven’t had it in a while, so the Holiday season is a great reason to pick some up, especially in limited edition scents like this one. Though I do imagine that this one probably smells a lot like pink fun but with more colors, I can’t say with complete certainty though.

And those are all of the things that I am lusting after from Lush this season, pretty much everything is something that I’ve either used before or smelled before at the least, which is probably no surprise. The other thing I did not realize it a lot of their products are vegan, I knew that but I expected at least a couple of them not to be vegan which is why I noted which ones were and weren’t, turns out all of them are.

What’s on your Lush Christmas list?


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