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Review: Lush Man In The Moon Bubble Bar


Finally, I am doing my first Lush holiday product review of Blogmas, I have quite a few products to review but I did not plan enough of them this month, I just had so much stuff I wanted to do this month that I didn’t end up getting all of my holiday Lush products into the schedule, but it’ll be alright because I do have some. Today we will be talking about the Man In The Moon bubble bar, which I was super excited about, let’ just jump right on in and talk about this bubble bar.

20171125_174721.jpgThis cute little guy is the Man In The Moon bubble bar, or should I say big guy as this is a fairly large sized bubble bar, this one is a total weight of 7.0oz, which is pretty big for a bubble bar, I can see myself getting four baths out of this one easily due to his size. This one will run you $12.95 but like I said, this is a big bubble bar so I think it’s worth it.

This bubble bar features ingredients such as Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Lime Oil, Neroli Oil and Coconut Oil to name a few of the ingredients in this great smelling bubble bar, and an added bonus to this one is that he is a vegan bubble bar, so everyone can use this one and you could get this one for anyone on your list.

Now, let jump into talking about what everyone really wants to know about this bubble bar, what it smells like and how it performs.

20171125_175437.jpgLet’s start with the scent of this one because that was what I was most excited about, this shares it’s scent with the Calacas family of fragrance, which if you ask me is one of the best at Lush and they should really carry the shower gel all year round if you ask me, but they didn’t ask so I guess I just have to deal with it. The scent is this is very fresh and citrusy, but it has a bit of a candy sweet kind of scent to it, it’s just a really great scent and I love it, and if you like citrus and slightly sweeter scents I think you would too.

Now, I didn’t get the best picture of the water but as you would probably assume this turns your water green, yellow and blue make green and those are the colors in this bubble bar. This bubble bar does make a brighter more neon-like yellowy green than what you see above here. The other thing about this is I think this bubble bar is a tiny bit more moisturizing than most bubble bars, especially if you use the eye as that is basically a bath melt, which is something I can really appreciate especially during the winter time. And the last thing I want to talk about is the bubbles this one makes, I think this makes an alright amount of bubbles but nothing really spectacular.

Overall I am really happy with this bubble bar and would completely just buy it for the scent again it smells so damn good. This creates a very enjoyable bath just maybe not the most bubbly of baths.

What’s your favorite product from the Lush holiday range?


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LushMan In TheMoon Review


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