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Christmas Decorations 2017!

Christmas Decorations2017

I did one of these last year for Blogmas 2016 and I did have a lot of the same decorations this year as I did last, but there are some new things and this year we aren’t putting up a tree due to not being here and a new kitty who we think will probably wreck the tree, but that didn’t stop me from decorating and getting festive this season, so continue on for a little bit of a Christmas decoration photo dump.


A banner on this wall has been a thing for me all year this year but this is the one that started that trend last year for the entire year, I now have banners for just about every season. But this one is the best because it’s for Christmas!


Our stockings, I know we are only two but I get a little bit over eager when it comes to stockings so I need more than one to fill, which ended up with us having a really traditional set and a really random set that I made.


This is our love seat, the blanket is a new edition but these super cute Santa head pillows are from Target last year and I love them so, I just love anything Santa but these are also really cute.


This may be one of my favorite parts of the Christmas decorations in the apartment now, this is what I keep calling my cat lady chair, I love this chair and I love the cat pillow and blanket, I just think it’s perfect for a cat lady such as myself.


The couch got some new additions this year, these were pillows that I fell in love with last year but didn’t pick up when I saw them then I never saw them again. But, this year TjMaxx had them so I snatched them up and am super happy with this purchase. They are cute and comfy.

And now for some of the smaller details around the apartment, my super cute little festive Sailor Scouts, our little Santa countdown, various little cute things in front of the tv and lastly our really cute Christmas sign.


This cute little Santa is a new addition as well.


And this is something new this year that I am super excited about, my very first Advent calendar. This one is a cute little gingerbread house, the only thing I’m slightly disappointed in is the drawer sizes are a little bit on the small side.

And the last things on this little tour is this really cute festive Santa and friends shower curtain and this cute little Santa bath rug for the bathroom.

That’s all of the Christmas decorations that I have put out this year, I feel like it’s a little bit strange to not have the tree out this year and I do kind of miss it because I love all of my ornaments, but I will live without just this one year.  I’m really happy with all the Santas in the apartment and I am so excited to have my very first advent calendar as well. I’m just ready for all the Christmas’s I’m going to have this year.

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?


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