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Holiday Gift Ideas: Stocking Stuffers


And now it is time for the last part of my holiday gift ideas series, this was a very short-lived one but I still feel like I’ve covered quite a bit of ground. Today we are going to be focused on stocking stuffers, which are really just tiny gifts and lots of candy if you ask me. Let’s jump into this one.


1. Sephora Face Masks – $3.00-8.00 – I don’t think you have to get Sephora face masks, I just think face masks are huge right now, especially sheet masks, I also just think Sephora brand ones are convenient as they have a bunch of different ones in one place. So, the skincare lover would probably love seeing one of these masks in their stocking.

2. Korres Lip Butter – $12.00 – It’s the winter time and I know I can’t be the only one who deals with really bad chapped lips, so what everyone really needs in their stocking is probably some lip balm. I chose this lip butter because I hear these are supposed to be really good and I would also love to find one in my stocking.

3. Briteplex Unicorn Masque – $12.00 – Unicorns seem to be a huge thing right now, so why not put a fun unicorn themed hair mask in someones stocking this season. This has a touch of added fun because it has a sparkle in it and who doesn’t love unicorns and sparkles?

4. Bath & Bodyworks Mini Candles – $5.00 – These are so cute and they have so many different scents, these would be perfect for anyone really because of the scent option. Plus, these are really cute and have really fun sayings on some of them.

5. Lush Bath Products – $3.95-12.95 – There are so many options when it comes to lush, but their bath products are the really fun ones, especially their bath bombs. One of my personal favorites is the Golden Wonder, it even already comes wrapped, but I don’t think any Lush product can be a disappointment in someone’s stocking. I know I wouldn’t be disappointed.

6. Sugarfina Ginger Bread Cookie Bites – $8.50 – This is something that’s a little bit different than your average stocking candy, this is more gourmet candy and sweets that anyone would love. I think this little Santa on the box is very cute and these sound really tasty. Sugarfina also sells a bunch of other sweets that I think anyone would be excited to see in their stocking.

7. Drunk Elephant Hit It Off Duo – $20.00 – Everyone seems to be talking about Drunk Elephant skincare and I am very interested myself, I have this set and I think this set would make a great stocking stuffer, it’s just some basics pretty much anyone can use and it’s travel size so it’s a great way to test it out.

8. Atelier Cologne Perfume Ornament – $12.00 – These are just little sizes are some of Atelier’s most popular perfumes, I personally love orange sanguine, I think it smells like straight up fresh oranges and that is something that I love so I assume their Vanille Insensee smells just as good. This is just a nice little fragrance set.

9. Target Stud Earrings – $7.99 – These simple little studs are really cute and something that most girls with pierced ears could enjoy, sometimes it’s just nice to have little ball studs in various metals.


10. Giftcards – $Anything You Want – This is a really obvious stocking stuffer I know, but it’s always nice to receive a gift card from your favorite place, especially if you’re like me, give me cash and I’ll think about what to buy for way too long but give me a gift card and it’ll all be blown the next day.

11. Hot Cocoa Kit – $9.99 – This seems to be a little bit too big for a stocking if you ask me but if you open it up and split it into threes I think these make really fun and cute stocking stuffers. I love hot cocoa in the winter time and I think these little star jars are just the cutest!

12. Vera Wang Embrace – $10.99 – This is another one of those things that don’t have to be this exact scent either, this just happens to be the fragrance that I chose to put on this list. Rollerball perfumes make for excellent stocking stuffers.

13. Rawhide Bone – $6.99 – Don’t forget about the pets when you’re rounding up stocking stuffers, or am I the only crazy person who puts pet things in stockings? Either way, I think this would make for a great doggie stocking stuffer because what dog doesn’t love to chew on bones? All the ones I’ve ever met for sure do. I think the only think about this exact one is it might be a little bit large for smaller dogs, but then again maybe your dog is up for a bit of a challenge.

14. Multipack Cat Toy – $6.99 – Don’t forget the cats either! I’m really thinking about picking this up for my cats the next time I’m at Target because we can always use more cat toys. This is a nice variety pack that I’m sure the playful cat in your life would really enjoy.

15. Yoobi Mini Color & Glitter Gel Pens – $14.99 – I love to color code my planner and I love getting new fun colored pens, I know I can’t be the only one that does, these give a nice variety of shades while also being mini.

16. PREP Berry Salt Gift Set – $2.99 – This feels a little bit strange to put on this list as I am a huge Lush fan, but this little set it cute and great for stockings, just because it’s not Lush doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable either.

17. Harry’s Men’s Razor – $9.99 – I think most of the guys I knew would be happy to find a razor in their stocking, hell, I think a lot of girls would be as well. I really like this shade of razor and this razor does come in a bunch of colors, which is interesting and nice I think.

18. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – $34.99 – This is like the ultimate swiss army knife and it seems like a really nice swiss army knife as well. I think this is a really perfect stocking stuffer for the outdoorsy person we all know.

19. Tin Candle Christmas Tree – $5.00 – Yes, another mini candle, these ones are also really cute and they have a bunch of these tin candles one the site right now. I chose this scent just because it seemed festive and I know a lot of people who have fake trees and like to burn pine scented candles to kind of have the experience of the tree without having a real one, which means this is a great stocking stuffer in my head.

20. Pez Santa – $2.99 – What is a stocking without Pez? I’m not sure that it’s even a stocking, anyone else feel this way? I would assume so since this seems like a really classic thing. So, of course, I had to include this in my stocking stuffer guide.

21. Reese’s Holiday Miniature Cane -$2.00 – Another classic stocking stuffer if you ask me are these candy canes stuffed with miniature candy, they come in a bunch of different candies of course and you could use anything you want.

And those are all of the stocking stuffers I have to share in this post, I think I did better and keeping this one a little bit under control than the last couple of ones but this one is still a little bit long but I think it’s fine. I feel like I missed a few things, such as nail polish and just copious amounts of candy, but I think these things I don’t really need to list.

Do you do stockings on Christmas?


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