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Holiday Gift Ideas: Darling Dudes

HolidayGiftIdeasDarling Dudes

Yesterday we talked about the ladies and today I’m going to talk a little bit about what gifts to get the dudes in your life. I knew I would not be able to write this post on my own, so I got a little bit of help from my Husband, and by a little bit I mean he picked out most of the things on this list


1. Super Mario Odyssey – $58.88 – I recently played this one myself and I loved it, I am not a big gamer myself but I very much enjoyed this and thought it was very fun. I think Mario is a classic game for anyone really but this one just really crushed it. This one is for the switch only, but if there is someone in your life who owns a switch I would highly recommend this one.

2. Baby Driver  – $19.96  – This isn’t your typical heist movie, this is more of a fun heist movie, something that I never thought I would describe as that sounds a bit strange. But, this seems like a movie that has a little bit of everything to it, some comedy, action and even a touch of romance.

3. Planet Of The Apes Trilogy – $29.96 – A set for someone in your life that enjoys a movie that is dramatic, action-esque and just up for a really interesting story that prequels the original Planet of The Apes films.

4. Artemis – $12.15 – This book is written by the same person who wrote The Martin and he is back with a new book. This book is set on the moon, it’s a heist book and is set in the future, it really sounds interesting and like the sci-fi/action lover in your life would really enjoy this one.

5. The Big Sick  – $14.99 – Another movie on this list is The Big Sick, which I had never heard of but seems like a movie that even I’d enjoy watching after seeing the trailer. This seems like a great romantic comedy with a dramatic twist.

6. The Last Wish: Introducing The Witcher  – $5.25 – As far as I knew this was just a video game but I learned that this series started as a book, which is super interesting and for that nerdy guy in your life he would probably enjoy this, especially if he likes the witcher already.

7. Assassin’s Creed Origins – $49.94 – The newest installment of the Assassin’s Creed series, this one is set the furthest back and gives some insight into the Assassin’s. This one is very immersive and a very long game to play, from what I understand, so if you’re looking for a game that’s a little more bang for your buck then this one is it.

8. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus  – $48.00 – This is the last video game on this list and this one is for sure one for someone who is really looking for a storyline with a touch of shooting, this game may seem like a shooter but it’s not a super heavy one. This one for sure has a lot of storylines and isn’t the longest of games.


9. Whiskey Stones – $20.00 – You can get all sorts of whiskey stones in all sorts of shapes and they aren’t always stone-like, but these are just very simple and basic ones that any whiskey lover would probably love as a gift, this may be for a slightly more serious whiskey lover than just you’re average joe, but I could also see giving this to anyone who enjoys shipping whiskey.

10. ESPN Films 30 For 30 – $99.95 – A gift for the sports lover in your life. This is a large collection of films about sports events and various athletes, perfect for all those sports lovers you know.

11. Endurance: A Year In Space, A Lifetime of Discover – $18.46 – With this book and the next book my husband told me he was thinking about dad gifts, so these are a little bit of dad gifts but I think anyone who is into this kind of thing, I think this book sounds interesting. This is about Scott Kelly, the man who holds the record for most consecutive days spent in space and this is all about that, which sounds really cool.

12. Grant – $17.97 – This another one of those dad types of gifts, but I think anyone who really enjoy history would enjoy reading this book, I am personally less interested in this one but that doesn’t mean anything. This one is all about the 18th president and if you know a history buff, I bet they would love this one.

13. Power Bank – 49.99 -These are a really practical gift for a lot of people, those who love to camp, those who go to a lot of festivals or even just someone who frequently forgets their phone. This one is bigger than one of those little cheap ones that you pick up at Target or somewhere like that, but this one should charge your phone quickly and hold more of a charge.

14. Google Home Mini – $49.99 – I have a full size google home and I love it, technically it’s my husbands but we share, I just like how convenient it is to ask it things and that it’ll play music for me. And this is just a mini version of that, which sounds really neat if we had a bigger place than a one bedroom apartment I might even pick up one of these cute little guys myself.

15. Raw Spice Bar Subscription Box – $88/Yearly –  A little something fun and slightly out of the ordinary for someone who loves to cook, a subscription to the Raw Spice Bar seems like a lot of fun to me. You get six different spices each season that goes along with the said season, which I think is pretty neat.

16. Blue Tooth Wireless Earbuds – $25.99 – Who doesn’t love a pair of earbuds? I feel like everyone would be happy to see these, especially since these are wireless blue tooth earbuds, which is a fantastic gift if you ask me.

17. Fitbit Charge 2 – $146.95 – This would really be a great gift for anyone who is trying to get in shape or just trying to track their habits really, exercise, sleep and all of that jazz. This one is also newer which means it’s pretty fancy and has a heart rate monitor on it, which I personally think is pretty cool.


18. Lush Kalamazoo Beard & Facial Wash – $11.95 – For the guy with a beard, mostly because who doesn’t want a clean face and a clean beard? I assume everyone does. I love Lush and Lush isn’t just for the girls, I wanted to include something from here that the boys in your life might enjoy. Though I do think there are tons of other things that they would enjoy as well.

19. ThermoPro Meat Thermometer – $15.29 – A gift for the man that loves to cook or grill, we have basically the slightly older version of this and use it all the time, it’s really easy to use, really accurate and just a nice gift to make sure what you’re eating is cooked.

20. Alton Brown Everday Cook – $23.79 – I think so many people love Alton Brown and I know my husband does, so this was a book he suggested because he enjoys it. This combines recipes, science and a little bit of humor which sounds like the perfect cookbook to me.

21. Men’s Minnetonka Slippers – $67.95 – I think this leans a little bit towards a dad gift because I feel like all dads I know love these kinds of slippers, these ones are a little bit on the pricey side but I think these are nice ones and I think most dads would love these.

22. Amazon Fire 7 – $49.99 – I think anyone would really love this, this is just a nice little tablet, you can read books and comics on it but you can also play some games and do other things that tablets do. A very simple gift for someone who doesn’t already own a tablet.

23. Braun Series Men’s Electric Razor – $169.97 – I think every guy needs a razor unless they never shave of course, but a nice electric razor is a fantastic gift. I’m not quite sure why he picked this one as it is a bit on the more expensive side of things but I would imagine this is a very nifty and nice electric razor.

24. Book Of The Month – $149.99/Year – I think this is another gift that I think would be perfect for anyone who likes to read, I know I would probably love getting this myself, this is a book of the month box where they send you a hardcover book every month based on your picks from a quiz you take before signing up. You can get a 3 month, 6 months or a year subscription from this box for various different prices.

25. Chicago Cutlery 18 Piece Block Set – $75.99 – For that guy in your love that loves to cook and doesn’t have a nice knife set, I think it’s a really nice gift if whoever you are shopping for has their own place and doesn’t already own one, it’s just really nice to have a set of knives. Especially if you like to cook.

And those are all of my picks for my men’s Christmas gift guide, or really I should say my husbands picks as he picked everything in this guide out, I just wrote it up and am publishing it. This one is a little bit shorter than my ladies one but still probably too long, but I wanted to give a lot of options and I feel like he did a pretty good job at that, maybe even better than me.

What’s on your list for him?


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