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December 2017 Shop My Stash


It’s time for a shop my stash post! I haven’t been doing these for very long at all but they are posts that I really enjoy doing now, plus it’s really good for my stash as I’m getting to rotate and try out a lot of products and spread the love around, which is a good thing if you ask me. I thought I had less to talk about this month than I did the last, but turns out I believe it is the exact same amount of products, so let’s get into this post.

Last month I did something new and I think I’m going to do it again this month and talk about my standouts from last month, the first is the Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation, I am seriously loving this foundation, it gives great coverage, feels light on the skin and just really makes the skin look perfected. Too Faced Sketch Marker in Smokey Emerald has been another favorite of mine, I just really like the look of it, it looks dark and interesting as it isn’t stark black, so I think that’s been a huge success. The last standout I want to talk about is the Glossier Cloud Paint, while it is a little bit of a learning curve using it, once I got the hang of figuring out exactly what I was doing with it, it ended up being really fresh and pretty on the cheeks.


NYX Faux Whites in Linen – I have been eyeing these eyeliners for a little while now, not completely sure why but I needed to get my hands on one and I haven’t even played with it yet, so I’ve thrown this one in here to try out this month.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – This is brand new to me but is something that I feel like everyone loves and raves on about, so I really wanted to try it and that’s why it’s going in the drawer for me to try out during the month of December.

Colourpop Creme Gel Color in Best O – I know I had this in a shop my stash before but I wanted to bring it back because I wanted to use it some more and play with it more, which I think is enough of a reason to throw this in the stash.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Eyeliner in Distortion – It’s the time of year where I feel like it’s time to bring out all of the glitter, which is why this eyeliner is showing up in my stash, it’s such a pretty and fun shade of glitter eyeliner, almost regretting not bringing out the gold as well but I guess there is still time.

I ❤ Makeup Rose Gold Chocolate Palette – I believe this one is supposed to be a dupe for the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette, which I do not own but I do currently own two dupes for it, which might be a little bit insane but I’m okay with that. I haven’t really tried this one out since I got it so it’s time to play with this one some.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in Gilded Rose – I’ve had this for a little while and really loved using it, but at some point, I just stopped using this and I am not sure why, so I’m bringing this one out again as I think it would also work great with the palette I’ve chosen for this month.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma – I had to bring this out for this month, this seems like the perfect product to me to wear during the holiday season and I plan on wearing it multiple times, so far I’ve already worn it once and I am so happy that I own this, it’s so sparkly.


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – This is brand new to me and will be in an upcoming haul, and sometimes when I put things in my shop my stash post it’s just because they are new to me and I want to play with them. I hear nothing but good things about this one so I am excited to get to try it out.

Too Faced Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting Primer – This is the first primer that I’ve decided to try out, mostly because it’s the tiniest sample size that came in the set and I’m least excited about it, so I’ve thrown this one in the drawer for December, though I doubt that it’ll make it through the whole month.

Tarte Water Foundation – This is something that I really loved during the summer month and does seem like a really appropriate summer foundation, so why am I rolling it out in the winter? Mostly because I want to as it’s been a while since I’ve really brought this one out.

L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer – I’ve whittled down my small concealer stash and this is the last one that I really want to test out and see what I think of, so into the stash drawer it goes.

ELF Makeup Mist & Set – I have somehow accumulated way too many setting sprays and really just sprays in general, so I’m trying to work my way through them a little bit and this is the next one I have my eyes set on using up, which is why it is in the stash post this month.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moon Light  – These are a tiny sample size that I recently redeemed some points at Sephora for and I’m so excited about, I’ve always wanted to try these drops but never wanted to commit to a full size, though I have debated before. I am super excited to try these out.

Clinique Cheek Pop in Black Honey Pop – This is a shade that I don’t think they sell any longer as when I picked this up it was at a CCO, which I was super excited to get my hands on these and try these out. I have tried these before and do like them it just doesn’t seem like it and this shade seems like the perfect shade for fall/winter.

The Balm Instain Blush in Swiss Dot – This is brand new to me and I am super excited to get my hands on one of these, I’ve always wanted to try one of The Balms blushes and so far they do not disappoint, this blush is pigmented, soft and really blendable.

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey – This is a classic highlighter I think at this point and I’ve had to one for a while, I use it here and there but for the Christmas season this seemed like the perfect shade of highlighter to bring out and wear for the season.


Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Sangria – I am a nude/mauve kind of girl so this shade is super outside of my comfort zone, but like a lot of the products in this post, this just seemed like a fantastic pick for the Holiday season. Plus, I think this shade is a lot more wearable and softer than your average red due to it being a gloss. I haven’t worn a red for a long while but I am excited to test this one out and see how I really like it.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft – I was so excited to see these at TjMaxx that I am now kicking myself for not buying more, but I only left one shade behind that I might wear so I guess it’s really not that big of a deal. I love this shade so much and am excited to try this formula out a bit more.

Skin Fix Candy Cane Lip Balm – This only comes in a set as far as I can tell, so I can’t really link this separate, but I can say this, I really enjoy these balms and think this set is nice but I also think it could make for nice little gifts if you were interested in only one or two of them. I am a makeup hoarder so I’m probably not going to part with very many but maybe I will. Either way, I’m excited about this one because it is super festive.

Covergirl Oh Sugar in Caramel – I’ve been eyeing these since they came out and I read somewhere that these were pretty much dupes for the Fresh lip balms but a lot cheaper, however, it has taken me this long to finally bite the bullet and order one so we will have to wait and see what I think of this one.

H20+ Oasis Lip Gel in Cloud Wine – I completely impulse purchase a couple of these when I was making a kohls order and saw they were half off, I love products like these that look super dark or different color but are actually really light and balmy, making for a really effortless lip. I  also think this might be a nice way to a darker lip without it really being dark.

And those are all of my picks for my December Shop My Stash, a pretty good mix of brands, both drugstore, and higher end, and a really fun mix for the festive month of December I think. I’m really happy with all the picks for this month so far and am excited to get to play with them some more.

What kind of makeup do you think of during the Holidays?


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