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November Nail Wrap Up

November NailWrap Up

And now it is time for my last post about the month of November, that is my nail wrap up, I wanted to paint my nails more this month than I did the last, but that did not happen. I have a pretty short month of nails to show you so we might as well just jump right on in and get it finished.


The first polish up this week is a really appropriate fall shade I think, this is an Essie polish in Playing Koi, I love the name of this one, it’s fun and punny if you ask me and that’s something I enjoy. I also love this shade, I do wish it has a little bit of a better formula though, the formula of this one isn’t terrible but it’s not great, it’s very Essie if you ask me. I think Essie polishes have such a hit and miss formula and I think this one is someone in the middle


Up next is the Marc Jacobs polish in Le Charm, I picked this one up at TjMaxx recently and I’m really glad that I did because this color is really stunning and right up my alley. The thing about this one is that this one started peeling off the next day and I’m not sure why I’m not sure if it’s just the polish itself or if it’s the combination of the base and top coat I used with this but I’m probably going to have to try this out again.


And the last polish that I’m sharing is the Color Club polish in Oh Deer! I wore this for so long and I wore this shade for Thanksgiving, which I think it was perfect for this. This looked really good, this wore really well and overall I think this was the best polish that I’ve used this month, I really enjoyed wearing this one.

And those are all of the nails I have been rocking during the month of November, not a whole lot this month and because of that I am hoping to wear more nail polish during the month of December, which I’m sure I can manage as three polishes really isn’t that much, but we’ll see.

What polish have you been rocking this month?


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November 2017Nail Wrap Up


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