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Why November 2017 Was Awesome + Goals

Why NovemberWas Awesome

Another month down and if I’m being completely honest, I’m okay with this one, I like thanksgiving fine but my heart truly lies with the Christmas season and November being over means it is time to kick off December. But, this post is about November, not December so I will focus on November for just a little while longer.

I think back over November and as per usual, not a ton of exciting and interesting things come to mind, but I guess that’s alright, not every month has to be exciting of jam-packed. I had my first Thanksgiving in Virginia this month, last year we went to Florida but this year we stayed in Virginia, it was nice. We had dinner with my husband’s parents and it was just a really calm and chill Thanksgiving, which I can appreciate. I was just really glad to not have to go to work.

This month may have been boring but it went by in no time, this whole year really has, it’s just gone in a blink of an eye and that worries me that I’m getting old. Anyway, this month has been getting colder as well and I really don’t like that, while I love the holiday season I think the winter season is the worst, I do not like cold weather. Though cold weather does mean it will probably get busier at work.

I think the other thing about November, and maybe a bit of the reason I’m ready to see it go, is that it has been expensive due to me wanting to get my Christmas shopping done early and not have to leave and go anywhere during the month of December. It’s been a hit to the wallet but it is very nice knowing that I’m basically done Christmas shopping.

One last thing that happened at the very end of November, on the 28th of November to be exact, I cut off and donated eight inches of hair to Pantene, which was something I had been planning on doing for a while but I had wanted to wait until after the wedding and I finally did it. It feels weird but so far I’m really happy with the cut, we’ll see what I think once it’s not so new.

And now to talk about goals, which means we will start with the goals from last month and see how I did at accomplishing them, we’re going to start with Getting Ahead On My Reading Challenge, which I for sure am not, in fact, I think I’m pretty far behind at the moment which really sucks. Get Ready For Blogmas, which is something I think I can say I accomplished, I planned out my posts, got some photos taken and some posts were written during the month of November, so I’d say that’s pretty good. Working Out is another one I didn’t do, I worked out more during November than I did during October but barely, so I didn’t do so good on that goal. The last goal I set for myself is Beating My October Views, this is something that I did do but barely, but barely still counts and I’m happy to see the constant growth this year. Now, to my goals for November.

Beat November Views. I have grown my views each month and it would really be awful to drop the ball during the month of December, so I’m hoping to beat the views that I got during the month of November, we’ll have to wait and see how it goes through.

Finish My Reading Challenge. Another thing that I really need to do, but I imagine I’ll be able to manage it, especially since I will be in a car for twenty hours this month on the drive to and from Florida, that will give me plenty of time to catch up and finish it.

Working Out. This one is returning because I really need to get back to it, but I have a new plan laid out and it will be working out five days a week but I am incorporating more cardio into it so I think that makes it better. I would like to work out at least four times a week though. I might go back to six days at some point but for right now four to five is more then enough, if I can stick to it.

Decluttering. I have a lot of things I want to go through yet again and reorganized, this is an endless thing for me really, I just enjoy it and also hate having a bunch of stuff even though I am a complete shopaholic, it’s an endless cycle. This is the least important goal to me though, I’ll live if I don’t finish this one.

And those are my goals for the month, I’m keeping it short and simple just because I have a feeling this month is going to be very busy and the fewer things I want to finish the better, plus these are all things that I really want to finish.

How was your November?


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Why November Was Awesome + Goals


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