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2017 Miscellaneous Favorites

2017 Miscellaneous Favorites

We have made it, we are finally at the end of the yearly favorite, this is the last one that I plan on doing and this is probably hands down the most random because this is just miscellaneous things to me. So, this pretty much means personal and lifestyle things that I can’t really photograph and that I don’t often talk about, I don’t really ever talk about things I’m just enjoying in my life. Should I start talking about random favorites in the new year? I might, we’ll see. Anyway, let’s jump right on into these favorites.

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2017 Makeup Favorites


Today we are focused on makeup, the thing that I am sure most of you are here for and what is easily my favorite favorites post to write for the year. I have one more favorites post that I have planned for tomorrow and then that will wrap up all of my yearly favorites for 2017. I can’t believe the year is almost gone, it is insane. But anyway, today I am talking about all of the products that I really loved and found myself using all the time during this past year.

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2017 Skin & Body Favorites

2017 Skin & Body Care Favorites

Today it is time for my third installment of my yearly favorites, which also means that I am halfway through my favorites for the year, I have two more posts planned after this, yearly favorites wise anyway. Today I will be talking a little bit about skin care and body care that I have been loving this year, so let’s just jump right on into it.

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2017 Hair Care Favorites

2017 Hair Favorites

Today is part two of my favorites and today I will be focusing on something that I don’t do a lot to and something that I don’t typically have a lot of favorites of and that is hair care. I am very lazy when it comes to my hair, I really don’t like to fuss with it a lot and in turn, that means that I don’t have a ton of favorites to share, but I do have some that I think are worth mentioning so let’s get into it.

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2017 Nail Favorites

2017 NailFavorites

Yes, I just finished Blogmas and now I’ve decided on taking on doing my end of year favorites and wrap-ups for the year over the next week, then we will be back to regularly scheduled programming. Which pretty much means I will be here until the third. Anyway, we are starting out the 2017 favorites with nails, so let’s jump on in!

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Christmas Playlist


I did one of these last year but I love Christmas music so I wanted to do another one because Christmas music, plus I wanted to do a little update to this list. So, if you’re looking for something to listen to during a car ride to wherever you may be going for Christmas, hanging around the house or even just catching up on some Blogmas posts, check this one out.

What is your favorite Christmas song?


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Sweater & Boots Wishlist

Sweater & BootsWishlist

I wanted to do something a little bit random today, something that can be both festive and practical for the winter time and that shares a list of my sweater and boots wishlist with you guys, so this will be just a little wishlist of some boots and sweaters that I am lusting over at the current moment for the winter time.

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Etsy Finds #5


It is the time of the month that I write one of my favorite posts to write and that is my Etsy finds, I just really love doing this post and today is extra special because all of my picks are Christmas themed. I should have done this last month so you guys would have a chance to purchase these before Christmas, but it’s too late for that and maybe we’ll just count this as getting a head start on next year, that counts, right?

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