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Review: Buxom Plump, Pucker & Prowl

Buxom Plump, Pucker

It’s time to review another makeup product and another review of a holiday set that I have acquired, it’s another lip set, that’s pretty much everything that I’ve picked up this year. I have a bigger Buxom set but we’re going to start out with the Buxom Plump, Pucker & Prowl because it is smaller and it just makes more sense to me to leave the biggest one for last… even though there are only two. Let’s jump in and talk about this set.

20171025_165601.jpgThe Buxom Plump, Pucker, Prowl lip set will run you $32.00 and comes with three mini sized Full-On Lip Creams in Rose Julep, Blushing Margarita, and Moscow Mule, it also comes with three mini sized PlumpLine Lip Liners in Dolly Danger, Stealth, and Undercover. A pretty good mix of nude shades and a pretty good way to try out a few different shades and a few different colors. I think it’s a pretty good value and I’m really glad to have picked this one up.

I do believe some of these have special packaging as the handles in this set are gold and not the typical silver, which I am pretty impartial too, I don’t really care if it’s silver or gold but I think gold is their holiday packaging. So, these are the slightest bit different than regular but barely. I don’t really mind the packaging on these, I don’t really have a lot of feelings about these. The one thing I will say though is that I really like that the lip liners have a brush on one end, even the mini ones do, which I think is a really nice touch as not every mini has the little details like that so it’s nice that Buxom does that.

20171025_165748.jpgLet’s go over some quick swatches really quick, going from top to bottom starting with the PlumpLine in Dolly Danger, then the Full-On Lip Cream in Rose Julep, PlumLine in Stealth, Full-On Lip Cream in Blushing Margarita, PlumpLine in Undercover and Full-On Lip Cream in Moscow Mule. These all seem like perfect combinations together and I really like that, sometimes it’s nice to have a liner and gloss that really match and go perfectly together.

Now, let’s talk formula, I’m going to start with the PlumpLine Lip Liners because they are the base product. I enjoy these quite a bit, they are a bit bigger than your standard lip liners but that’s alright, they are still pretty easy to use and if they are more difficult it’s just by the tiniest bit. These are fairly creamy feeling on the lips and they give really great pigment, so I think these are pretty damn good lip liners.

Now, to talk a little bit about the Full On Lip Creams, which honestly have snuck their way into my heart this year and are probably some of my favorite lip products. These are minty smelling, give a little bit of a plump to the lips and are very glossy. These are also really comfortable and easy to wear in various different shades, I personally also enjoy the slight cooling and tingly feeling. These aren’t crazy pigmented but I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses that are. Overall, these are really fantastic and I am super happy to have gotten my hands on a bunch of these minis and try them all out.

What has been your favorite holiday giftset so far?


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Buxom PlymP, Pucker1


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