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Review Nars Peep Show Blush


Time for another makeup review, I’m about to have a tiny block of makeup reviews here as my next post I have planned is also a review, which I didn’t completely mean to happen but I am a terrible planner, clearly. But, that’s alright, because today I am talking about a limited edition Nars blush in the shade Peep Show, so let’s just jump right on into the review.

PSX_20170928_162926My review for today is all about the Nars Blush in the shade Peep Show, this is from the Pop Goes The Easel collection, which I believe is limited edition but I am not completely sure about that. Nars blushes are a little bit on the splurgey side of things at $30.00 a pop for 0.16oz of product, but I think these are really fantastic blushes that are completely worth it, I have three so far and I love all of them. That might be a little bit of a spoiler to the review but that’s alright if you want to get out of this review quickly, I really like this blush and think it’s a really fun shade.

Now, to dip into the actual review, I’m going to start with the usual and talk about the packaging, which is pretty standard for a NARS product, it’s black, it’s simple and it is matte. I have a love-hate relationship with the packaging myself, I love the look of it as it is really simplistic and it’s very clean looking, but because it’s matte it doesn’t stay that way for very long and gets fingerprints all over it pretty quickly, so it’s a good and a bad thing.

PSX_20170928_163102Now, let’s talk a little bit about this color, this shade looks a little bit like a summer color to me but that’s something that I’m alright with, it’s the reason I purchased this one actually, it was a shade that I didn’t have in my blush collection already. I think this will be a fun, bright flush of color to try out during the winter season.

Now, to the formula of this, as you can probably tell this is a pretty pigmented, even blended out it’s still a little bit on the bright side, though I don’t think it’s anything too much I do think it completely has the possibility to ended up being too much, so a light hand should be used with this one. The formula of this is fantastic, it doesn’t really kick up a lot of powder and it goes on really nicely, it can really be blended out easily and I think it lasts pretty long on the face, which is a great thing if you ask me.

So, overall I really like the blush and think it’s a fantastic blush, which is no surprise, every other NARS product that I’ve ever used has been fantastic, so it is no surprise that this one is as well.

What’s your favorite NARS product?


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