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Review: Tarte Lippie Lingerie Set


It’s the holiday season which means it’s the time of tons of makeup sets, kits and limited edition makeup all over the place. I haven’t purchased too many things as of yet, but I  have picked up a few things that I’m going to hopefully be reviewing over the next few weeks, starting with the Tarte Lippie Lingerie Set, so let’s jump on into this one.

PSX_20170928_164450This is the Tarte Pout Pleasures Lip set, you can purchase it at Ulta and it will run you $42.00 for five full-sized lippie lingeries, which I think is a steal as a single lippie lingerie will run you $24.00, so this set is cheaper than two separately.

When I saw this set I knew it was something that I had to have, I had never tried the Lippie Lingeries but I had tried the LipSurgence in the past and those were my jam, I was all about those and I don’t think they make them anymore so these will have to do. Thus far, these feel exactly like the matte ones so I’m okay with that as the matte ones were some of my favorites. Another thing I like about this set is the lids, it’s a really simple thing but it makes me happy, it’s just a really cute design and a nice little touch.

PSX_20170928_164546This set comes with five exclusive shades of the Tarte Lippie Lingeries, the shades are Delight, Desire, Enticing, Lacy, and Enchanting. It’s a pretty good shade range if you ask me, though it’s not outstanding or super exciting, it’s all in the nudes, berry and mauve range but for me that’s alright as those are really the only shades that I wear. This set is very Tarte in terms of shades, I like Tarte but I think a lot of what they do is very natural and everyday kind of shades.

Before I get into the formula I think I’m going to chat a little bit about the scent of these, I don’t mind the scent of these but I will warn you, if you are really sensitive to smell then these might not be the ones for you, these have a strong minty smell and feel to them, which seems like a really common fragrance in lip products but just in case you are super sensitive, these ones are pretty strong and you can typically smell them when they are applied to your lips.

PSX_20170928_164634Before we get into the formula of these, let’s talk about the swatches, we’re going to go from top to bottom of course. The top is Enticing, then Delight, then Enchanting, then Lacy and lastly Desire.

Now, to the formula, I know I keep comparing these to the LipSurgence but I think these are like improved matte LipSurgence, as they are still matte but they are a lot creamier and more comfortable to wear on the lips. These are very creamy and very comfortable on the lips, these feel moisturizing to wear on the lips and are just a really comfortable feel. These are supposed to be matte but I might consider these to be more of a satin because they do have the slightest bit of sheet while still being matte-ish, if that makes any sense at all. I really love the formula for these. They are comfortable, the smell good and they last pretty well on the lips, which makes for a great formula if you ask me.

And that’s what I think about this set, I think this set is a really great value and I also think the product is really fantastic, so this is something that I would for sure recommend to a lippie lover, it has a good bit of shades, are very comfortable and such a good price.

What’s your favorite product from Tarte?


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Tarte Pout Pleasures Lip Set


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